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MechArmor Police Officer Award

2013 - MechArmor Product Award for LE Excellence!

We here at MechArmor Defense Systems have decided to present a "thataboy" award to a police officer after becoming aware of his outstanding professionalism in the field when faced with approaching, and dealing with a few citizens who were open-carrying their side arms and long gun - (which of course is a completely legal act). 


In light of Officer Jim Estes of the Albany Oregon PD's outstanding professionalism and demeanor while dealing with the three citizens concerning their open carry condition in full public view, (see video below), we at MechArmor Defense Systems have decided to accentuate the positive on this growing issue wherever possible by identifying outstanding law enforcement personnel like Officer Estes on a quarterly basis, and presenting them, through their departments, one of our TacOps-1 Charging handles for their M4 duty weapon, as well as another TacOps-1 handle to their department for testing and evaluation, while extending to their department a special extra low dept purchase price, for if and when their PD wishes to outfit their weapons with our handle.

We believe that in light of the many (but still not the majority) of officers throughout the US who have been found acting in complete violation to both Constitutional and local law on this matter, regardless of how ignorantly some of those citizens may have handled themselves during those encounters; that the positive should be accentuated to offset the growing trend of negative accounts on this issue. 

Our hope is that other weapon related manufacturers may eventually join forces with us in this, and with our collective efforts, be able to award such officers and their PD's even larger, more substantial products in the future. 

Having many people who work for MechArmor who have a substantial amount of their own people working in both State and Federal LE, our initial motive for this product give-away actually stems from the growing negativity we have been seeing on this issue on both sides. Understandably, citizens are feeling the pressure against their freedoms, thus, understandably we are seeing more and more of those people pressing back in such ways as "open-carry" and open-carry gatherings and march's etc. The bigger issue that any logical, open minded person with any situational-awareness at all is, that if these few over-reaching law enforcement officers, and related incidents continue to escalate, it only stands to reason, based on human nature alone, that sooner than later force will be met with deadlier force.

The real problem then will be, that the majority of LE officers who are good professional people will be unduly caught up in such incidents, at which point the gloves will be off, and we all lose vigorously from that day forward!  Thus, we believe measures such as this in full public view need to be applied, being necessary to stem off that potential negative reality by publicly rewarding the good guys where ever they are found.  Of course, you the gun owning public can and should aid us in this venture by watching for these outstanding professionals, sending them our way, and passing stories like this one around far and wide. 

This past Tuesday 1.28.14, our West Coast representative, in conjunction with the Albany Oregon PD brass presented Officer Jim Estes and his department with our MechArmor Defense Systems LE Award for -

"Outstanding professionalism and common human decency"


 Albany PD Website Here


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