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New Elderly & Vets Gun Confiscation by Social Security Codes Enacted

 Elderly man just had his guns confiscated because police didn't like his "conspiratorial" beliefs! 

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Obama's Elderly Gun Confiscations Just Began

If you pay CLOSE attention to the report below, and HOW they are implementing this illegal trash against all American's, you can plainly identify that they do so, as they have always done so on every single point in which we have been controlled; by our - CONSENT! 

As always, and by means of selling it to everyone as a "convenience", as it is also stipulated within this new SS law code, they MUST convince you through subterfuge and simple "appearing" language to CONSENT! And everyone has always been led down this path of looming final destruction by means of their "appearance" of the "force of law" when they are not actually laws, but only code & statute! Almost all of which to date are in total disregard and complete opposition to the law of the land, the Constitution!

No one can be forced to CONSENT! Start READING all things and stop CONSENTING to EVERYTHING! This point can not be stressed loudly or strongly enough to all people, everywhere! STOP CONSENTING! STOP taking their "convenient" solutions, since THIS is the main mechanism they use to draw us all in, while never privy to all their fine print in which all their "contracts" for us stand!  

American's NEED to start understanding that everything their government does from the States to Federal is all 100% based in "Contract law!" And all codes & statutes are also contract law! These are areas of study that everyone must take up now or you will be destroyed by it, and destroyed by your own CONSENT!  Is that what you want for yourself and or your family? 

STOP CONSENTING NOW! From your family doctor's non-legally binding forms and questions, to your DMV and everything above and below them! STOP providing the answers and data that they require to use against you now or in the future!

PLEASE stop TALKING and PROVIDING every tid-bit of personal data just because someone who "appears" to be in authority asks!  STOP signing documents even though there may be areas or lines of information in them that you know are not good for YOU!  LEARN, that by their law YOU are ABLE  and SHOULD draw a line through any words, sentences or paragraphs in ANY document/contract that you are asked to sign, but know are not so good for YOU! That YOU are also ALLOWED by THEIR law to add additional wording to YOUR advantage above or below said lined-out portion; and by law initial said areas which now make YOUR additions able to LAWFULLY supersede their original! THEN sign the finalized contract if you must.  

Fellow Conservative,

For months, we have been warning about the expansion of Obama's gun confiscation strategies.

The law is clear. In order to be deemed “mentally deficient,” you need to have been involuntarily committed (forced to stay overnight against your will) in a mental health facility or determined in a court of law to be a danger to yourself or those around you.

There is no wiggle room there. Even though the Left literally wrote this law, they now claim there is a loophole.

What’s the loophole? They are complaining that they don’t have the right to disarm Americans without due process. They want bureaucrats in Washington who you’ve never even met to have the power to REVOKE your 2nd Amendment rights!

It’s already happening. Force Congress to pass the Social Security Beneficiary 2nd Amendment Rights Protection Act and STOP Obama’s elderly gun grab!

Remember how all the pundits said that Barack Obama’s executive orders from this past January were relatively ineffectual? They lied to you.

One of Barack Obama’s executive orders actually instructs the Social Security Administration to copy a Veterans Administration program that used extremely questionable reasoning to disarm American veterans and revoke their 2nd Amendment rights.

The administration has altered the definition of “mental disability” to include any beneficiary who has a “designated payee” assigned to help with managing his or her finances. They did this in the VA and disarmed over 100,000 veterans. Obama saw this and decided to expand the disarmament program to the 49 million social security beneficiaries!

This is how it works. The VA – and now the Social Security Administration – have been instructed to present beneficiaries with the option of having a family member help manage their finances. Plenty of people need help with finances. It doesn’t make them mentally deficient. Even I need a little help making sure all the bills get paid. If it wasn’t for my fiancée, our utility bills probably wouldn’t get paid on time.

So the administration goes out of its way to convince beneficiaries to assign a designated payee to make finances easier for people and then they come back and use that as an excuse to disarm the people.

These people are not a threat to themselves or others. I am talking about people who just need help making sure that their bills get paid on time.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons for someone to need a designated payee. They might not have a car and need a family member to make their bank deposits for them. They might live far away from the bank or grocery store so they delegate that responsibility as well. These are both legitimate reasons listed by the SSA for assigning a designated payee.

So what the Obama administration is saying is that if an elderly American doesn’t own a car and needs help making bank deposits, they can’t be trusted with owning a gun. This is completely illegal!

Brave Congressmen have introduced the Social Security Beneficiary 2nd Amendment Rights Protection Act and it is one paragraph long. It says that being assigned a designated or representative payee cannot be used as an excuse to disarm Americans on Social Security. The bill has 124 co-sponsors and everytime we FaxBlast Congress, that number grows!

Obama’s elderly gun grab is happening! Tell Congress to pass the Social Security Beneficiary 2nd Amendment Rights Protection Act before it’s too late!

Now, whenever we bring this up, people email us and accuse us of fearmongering. They accuse us of “stretching the truth” and trying to make people afraid of something that won’t ever happen.

Just this week, a 74-year old man named Ralph Gilbertson in Minnesota had his guns forcibly confiscated by police. What was their excuse? They said he couldn’t be trusted with guns because he believes in UFOs, Bigfoot, and a vast CIA conspiracy. Gilbertson is a veteran and a concealed carry permit holder, he has a clean record, and he has never been deemed by a court of law to be mentally deficient.

Police showed up at his home and took away his guns because they didn’t like his opinions. The police had absolutely no right to disarm this veteran, but they went ahead with it anyway. Now, he is suing to get his firearms back.

This isn’t an isolated incident, folks. This is just the beginning. You think it’s ridiculous what this local police department did, imagine what it’s going to look like when Obama goes after everyone on Social Security the same way…

If we wait for the next shoe to drop, it will be too late. That is why it is so important to pass the Social Security Beneficiary 2nd Amendment Rights Protection Act. It is one paragraph long and would permanently stop Obama’s gun grab!

Don’t wait until they knock on your door... Don’t wait until it’s your name in the headlines…

Fight back now!

FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they pass the Social Security Beneficiary 2nd Amendment Rights Protection Act before Obama confiscates any more guns!


Max McGuire
Advocacy Director
Conservative Daily

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