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Another Lucky Crisis-Actor Lives through Another "Alleged" Attack!

And the Oligarch Mania Continues!

 Crisis Actor "Robby Parker" is Mason Wells Now!

Mason Wells is an 19 year old American Mormon 'missionary' who has pulled off the Trifecta of unbelievable 'coincidences' in our conspiracy theory laden society.

Turns out that not only was he in Brussels this week when the Muslim terrorists struck, he was also in Paris last November when the previous terror attacks took place. As if that were not enough, he was also in Boston when the Muslim bombings happened there as well. My, my, it's hard to feign all this shock and surprise! But this is exactly what they want us to believe has taken place. The only question that remains is why. Read more Here:

CNN Caught Using - CRISIS ACTORS! 

A. Jones Explains WHY they the Cabal has been causing real and faked crisis after crisis!




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