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NJ Cops About to be Sacrificed on the Altar of Fascism?

Retired NYC Detective Warning to Cops Nationwide!

Frank R.


Minor editing and formatting added by MA Admin:

Putin, and other European officials, along with several CIA assets openly outed the US govt as being directly responsible for starting, supplying, funding and maintaining the entire ISIS facade. And on top of that they spent billions of tax payer $$$ to fake air strikes and special forces campaigns against them; (that is before Putin stepped in and hammered nearly all of their ISIS assets into paste). 

Should we not then understand and identify the following report and potential actions against NJ police officers as deliberate and direct terrorist actions by our own govt officials?  Seems very clear to be exactly the case here, since 1 + 1 still equals 2 on my blotter. As a homicide detective for most of my career, I can tell you that most of the time, the people who kill us, are known to us. I can also tell you that history shows us with total clarity, that not some, but ALL major terrorist actions have always been State sponsored. History will also prove to you that virtually all of the many millions upon millions of citizens murdered in mass, have always been murdered by their own governments. Neither of these points can be contested. This last fact is known as "Democide". Ins't that an interesting title for it? 

For many years while others around me tried to convince me of such a deep conspiracy of infiltration within our political system on both Federal and State levels, I worked at not believing any of it. Mainly due to my own deeply held ideas of patriotism, and the misguided idea that others in power felt the same way about our way of life, and most of all, that America was to large a country for such a thing to happen here. But then came - Too big to fail here in NYC! Believe me, I know about corruption, can't be on the job in NYC for as long as I was and not know how corrupt people are. And you can't be on the job for long at all before learning just how stupid most people are; its alarming really, but then you get used to it. Which unfortunately for me, and cops everywhere, is a front row seat to learn exactly why we will all eventually lose our once great nation to a band of elitists if we, the front line LEO's allow ourselves to be emotionally driven like cattle to kill or incarcerate our fellow citizens at the word of some far off politicians new combatants list. 

Regarding the article warning NJ LE:

My question is; WHY NJ of all States? NJ, like NY is arguably one of, if not the most politically anti-Constitutional State in the Union, progressive left wing to its core. You would think the scary, anti-freedom ISIS people would leave such a freedom restricting State alone, and look to attack the highly liberal States such as those down South or out West; Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Texas, etc. So, what could possibly be the reason for this obvious, govt planned and orchestrated attack inspiration in such a place as NJ?  

Follow the $$, or the history!  

 If their plan remains as they historically have been, which is to implicate and scapegoat one innocent segment of society as the actual conspirators; like say American Militia members as they did during the earlier govt run terror attack on the OK city Fed building, which was very quickly proven to not have been militia related at all; then yes, it would make perfect sense to have these alleged home grown ISIS/militia people target one of their deeply entrenched, progressive left wing States. Because that is exactly the tie and the impetus needed to prove, through their Pravda style media, to all American stupids who remain asleep, that yes, this was an attack on the Demon-cratic party by the right wing, Constitution loving extremists, who are now working with the new boogeymen, ISIS!  I had an inkling in 2015 when I kept hearing all types of fairly constant media coverage and unsubstantiated reports coming from the FBI and HLS about how they kept receiving "chatter" about "home-grown" terrorists - People being "recruited" by ISIS on line, etc. One thing about growing up in NY is, that one's bullshit meter becomes honed to the highest degree of accuracy. And in 2015 with those ongoing and UN-substantiated reports, my BS meter was tapping out. However, maybe now we are seeing the next phase of that same plan?

Fanning the flames and fear!

SO THEN, after a bunch of good, honest and patriotic, but unsuspecting NJ cops are sacrificed on the blood alters of the same Nazi extremists that all the stupids believe to be dead and buried, THEN what cop in America won't be on board and 100% fired up to go balls to the wall, guns blazing tactical on everyone and anyone that the "State" implicates as one such suspected extremist? (Same Govt who will by the way miraculously have a list previously compiled).

This is how the fascists ALWAYS use their guard dogs against the stupids. All of history proves me correct! We can only hope that someone closer to them thwarts such a plan against innocent cops. The real problem is however, that the good guys have to stop these political sociopaths every single time, but evil only has to hit their target one time in order set things ablaze. 

Sounds extreme right? Can't happen here in America aye?  Well, again, I have all of history on my side. This is exactly how it has always been done from antiquity to our modern times. The Hegelian Principle: 

Pre-Packaged Chaos and fascist order:
Step One: Create a problem or conflict - Perceive a problem that exists and build it up out of proportion to its actual importance, or create a problem or conflict where none existed before.

Step Two: Publicize the problem and create opposition to it - Relentlessly place stories about this problem in the major media outlets. Report on it daily until it becomes a steady drumbeat and a truism for the public who then begin clamoring for a solution to this problem.

Step Three: Offer a solution - The best solutions are those that appeal to the emotions of the public and make them think something really good is being done for them, when in fact, something really bad is being done to them. This solution is one that the public never knew it needed until the conditioning of Step Two was successfully completed.

So LEO's! Do NOT allow yourselves to be quickened into a fake war against the very people we are supposed to be protecting! 


If you are as hard headed as this NY Ginny was, and you still will not alloy yourself to see the reality of our quickly descending national situation at the hands of the few infiltrators, then you had better wake up quick! Because it appears they are poised to target all LEO's directly in the hopes of winding us all up and letting us go to do their evil work. And as I have learned from history, after all their alleged "extremist enemies" are dead or jailed, then as history proves, they will kill off most of us!  If these plans are allowed to take root and be accelerated by all LEO's, without ANY real investigations being made previous to going tactical, or due process; then because of us, LEO's everywhere, this entire American culture and nation will finally be lost! Not to mention they are counting on most of us being killed in the process by a civilian population that out-guns all LE thousands to one. So, as history shows us, all LEO's will be used to start an insurrection, and the quick and sudden loss of most LE everywhere will then be used as the impetus to bring in US and foreign military power to finish the take-over. 

Without LE to be led by the nose, they will never be able to pull this old plan off again! Question every order! Seek Justice, NOT revenge! And above all, do not allow yourselves to be manipulated by emotions based on events you cannot confirm to be real!

For now, if you know any NJ cops, you better send them this news article link below as a heads up in case their officials are not telling the rank and file about this alleged threat. As that would be exactly what one might do if one wished to inflict larger casualties on them.

Remember, the "Sacrifice" is not ever told it's about to be sacrificed! 

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