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Fire Arm Sales & State Legislation Trending Positive

Job's & Sales are High Industry Wide!

 We here at MechArmor have had access to the BATF gun manufacture sales, and like many, we have watched gun sales break each previous years record since 2009! With 2015's Black Friday single day sales breaking them all! 

We have also watched gun sales and CCP (Concealed carry permit) requests skyrocket, especially for women. All very good things for the security and longevity of our embattled Republic. Especially in the light of the fact that now many police dept's in and around major cities have been put on notice that they, themselves are being targeted by Muslim and or "Home-grown", terrorists! All lies and subterfuge of course, however we completely expect many good and unsuspecting Americans to be caught in those cross fires, and or directly targeted by foreign agents brought into our towns and cities by domestic agents. 

So, as we always advice - GET ARMED and STAY ARMED DAILY!

The Colorado Senate has been busy in a good way for firearm enthusiasts. This Tuesday, April 12th Senate Bill 113 was put to a vote and passed 20-13. What SB 113 will do for Colorado residents is eliminate the 15-Round magazine capacity limit....READ MORE HERE: 


New Jersey Cops Targeted by Terrorists!



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