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Oregon LE Officer gets Ataboy Award from MechArmor!

2014 - MechArmor Product Award for LE Excellence!

We here at MechArmor Defense Systems have decided to present a "thataboy" award to a police officer after becoming aware of his outstanding professionalism in the field while dealing with a few citizens who were open-carrying their side arms and long gun - (which of course is a completely legal act).  "Original blog post here"

On Tuesday, January 28, 2014, it was our pleasure and privileg to present Officer Jim Estes and the Albany Police Department, located in Albany, Oregon, with our Tac-Ops-CQB and TacOps-1 Charging Handles for Officer Estes’ service weapon, and the PD.  As some may be aware, Officer Jim Estes was featured in an internet circulated video - (see below) - whereby he showed the manner of professionalism that we here at MechArmor Defense Systems applaud, support and encourage.

It would appear that Albany, Oregon is a hub for law enforcement professionalism not only with this incident but as some may remember just a little over a year ago, Linn County’s Sheriff Tim Mueller was the first in the nation to send a letter to Vice President Joe Biden in opposition to enforcing the unconstitutional gun control laws that the federal government was attempting to impose. 

Our local contact in this area was shocked and surprised to discover that the local newspaper, The Albany Democrat Herald, who was made aware of this presentation and asked to cover it, was not interested in encouraging and supporting their own police department. It is a sad day when the media chooses not to report the accolades of those who protect and serve their community such as Officer Jim Estes and the APD.

We are happy to share the photos of our product presentation to Officer Estes with our MechArmor friends and give Officer Estes, and the APD a well-deserved pat on the back for their law enforcement professionalism. We would also like to give Captain Hinrichs of the APD his due as well, as we all know that this level of professionalism and honor begins at the top. 

Since bad news depicting the few unprofessional police officers on this issue is all to easy to come by these days, we would also like to ask everyone reading this article to please send it far and wide in the spirit of spreading some positive news for the majority of good State and Local LE professionals like Officer Estes here who know the law, and do their best to carry out the spirit and letter of our National laws on this "Open-carry" issue; despite at times the less than intelligent behavior of practitioners who exercise this Right. 


                   MA Presenter & Officer Estes              The Product Presented         Officer Estes & Capt Hinrichs





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