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Detroit - The next Wild West!


Wild Wild Mid-West!

Presidents gun-control

High Ordinance Detonation with Zero Percent Survive-ability in Impact Zone

Gun Control Detonation in Detroit

 " The second amendment is alive and well in Detroit, as well as three women who refused to be victims.  And as unbelievable as it may seem, the chief of police not only agrees with the right to bear arms, he actually encourages it.   Detroit Police Chief James Craig believes the more armed citizens there are, the less crime.  Having worked in California and Maine, he was able to get a good look at opposing views and he decided guns are good."


We are wondering how our Commander in Kingship is taking all this occurring in his home town. He's writing executive orders invasive enough to freak out much of the Congress, much of which are unconstitutional anti-gun laws, and here he has the top LE officials in his hood doing the exact opposite. I think there's an S&L skit in here somewhere! 

Original Free-Patriot News Article here!


MechArmor Defense Systems has begun shipping our new lighter weight Top-Gunner Praetorian turret to Detroit citizens for use on their SUV's!


1. M2 .50cal Machine gun w/10,000 rnds of AP

2. MK19 Grenade launcher w/500 rnds of HE

3. M240B Machine gun w/complimentary 1000rnds

4. M249 SAW w/complimentary 1000rnds

5. M110 LR rifle w/ Infrared scope and M203 - As primary weapon for roof-top target engagement.

1-FREE Javelin missile with the purchase of (2) Praetorian SUV-Top-Gun systems w/any mixture of weapons selection from list above. 

2-FREE Javelin missiles when you purchase our "family & friends" plan of (5) Praetorian SUV-Top-Gun systems  w/any mixture of weapons selection from list above. 

If you live in Detroit or surrounding areas and cannot afford our gunner protection systems, we AWARD one system with the weapn system of your choice from the list above upon proof from your Detroit PD in writing that you attained (10) confirmed kills on local gang members or violent scum in general.


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