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The Constitution State???

So much for that State Motto! 

Should we be looking for that next shot heard around the world to come out of "The Constitution State?" 

Original "Journal Inquirer News article here! 

Capitalism Institute Article here!

As you can see, the Connecti-CUT State Stazi have conjured up an old way of breaking Constitutional law. This hack job was tried in NJ in the 80's, giving all semi-auto gun owners in NJ a hard date to turn in all their weapons or else!

Well, at that time the NJ State Police Commandant stated in no uncertain terms on the news that he would not give the order, nor would he allow any State police assets to embark on any gun confiscation adventure. 

If memory serves, as I was living in NJ during that period, their arbitrary automatic "become an instant felon" date, came and went with the slightest whimper. After the Fascist dust settled, it was determined that less than 1/4 of 1 percent of the total gun owning population in New Jersey came out to give their weapons up.  NOW THAT'S FUNNY! 

THAT, must have sent the required message, because to my knowledge Jerseyites never heard from that fascist crew again to that extent.  

I guess, just as they are doing again in "The Constitution State", the East Coast regimes continue to forget that the people in those States for the most part are staunch Patriot types, being the offspring in mind and spirit to all those Patriots who came before them back to 1775.  

Growing up in New Jersey, as it must be in NY State, PA and the other original Revolutionary colonies, is not at all like growing up in most other far flung American States. From as far back as I can remember, whether it be in school trips or just living in and around the actual towns where a large segment of the American Revolution took place; we were reminded daily of the Revolution by the plethora of monuments, encampment areas, local buildings that were used by certain founders during the Revolution, etc. The house I grew up in was 160 years old in the 70's when we moved in. A house where General Washington lived off and on was a five minute walk down the street from our house, with several other such homes which housed our founders located within a five mile radius of my own.  Of course as well, there is an innumerable amount of streets, parks, towns and counties which also bear the names of our founders and their hard won battles.  A celebrated traitors hanging tree that was over 200 years old in the late seventies and remains still, was another five minute walk past the Generals house. These, and many places like these are well known to the locals, and we are reminded of that period in our countries great history daily when living there. 

Thus, it continues to be a MAJOR miscalculation on the part of our New Order Fascist State and Federal regimes, to believe the gun owning enthusiast , and even many of the non-gun owning citizens of these 13 Eastern colonial States to be less Ardent Patriots than our founding Patriots! This I assure will be their final undoing, as it was for their British King. Let is hope and pray that the citizens of the so-called "Constitution State" will endure this new battle being raised against them in the same way those in New Jersey did. If they do, then it will be by their strength and righteousness that their great State can again be truly understood as The Constitution State! 

If you are a traitorous scum reading this, remember, the eagle clutches not only 13 olive branches with 13 olives of Peace; it also clutches 13 razor tipped arrows for war!  

It is always dangerous to assume a calm, peaceful demeanor, as weakness....

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