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ILLEGAL ACTION Against Gun Store in CA!

National City California is taking Illegal Action To Force

Local Gun Shop Into Removing Their 2nd Amendment

Sign, Or Go To Jail

National City California Officials have gone rogue! Much like the recent NY State law makers and their new anti-gun rights edict, these narcissistic, CoolAid drinkers who find a way into power at all levels of our increasingly repressive system, appear to be devolving even further, to the point of just flat attempting to prosecute people and their business's through laws that do not even exist, even using their local police like New Jersey Mob VIG collectors to help the store owners in their "decision making process." 


Well, once a bad-as Marine, always a Marine;  and evidently the limp-wristed fascists bean counters in "National City"....(sounds like a Batman movie location), did not do their Intel gathering before picking the fight with Marine Combat Vet and ARES ARMOR Company owner Dimitri Karras.  Where's the Old West range justice when we need it? Exactly why God didn't allow guys like Dimitri and myself to be born in those days, because there wouldn't have been enough of the population left to write our history from that point.... ;-)/

ARES ARMOR is just one small gun sales entity among many in this industry, but just like our founder Ben Franklin astutely stated - "Gentlemen, we must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."  We all better take that to heart and get real "collective" real quick, because so far your enemies are better at that than any of us, and they are kicking our not so collective asses so far! It appears ARES ARMOR has been forced to spend over $10,000 in their appeal process; money that I am positive could have been put to better use rather than being forced to use it on BS legal issues; like maybe feeding people who have no food? I don't know, just spit-balling here.

Personally, everyone here would be all good with the old "Star Chamber" method of change, but it appears for now we have to do it the "acceptable" way -  through social media and lawyers!  Yes, that was me being toned down! 600+ words were redacted by our lawyer prior to posting this. 

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! I know, this guy and his store of merry men are most likely all extremist just like General Washington and those other guys, why should we care about some sign problem.  Hey Dimitri! Take the sign down bro, close that shop, put up a new sign of a big butt woman all hanging out in short-shorts, and open a Go-Go bar there for all those same heathen politicians!

You can still run ARES out of the back, and become a millionaire in twelve months give or take! Of course I jest, mostly.... 

Well, we care because, "When they came for the Jews no one helped because they were not Jews, and when they came for the Gypsies no one helped because they were not Gypsies, and when they came for the........" YOU get the idea! 

FYI: We do not know, nor have we ever met Dimitri of ARES ARMOR, or any of his staff to date. Someone sent me the original article at FREE-PATRIOT.ORG and it was on.  I may have been Army SFG, but I won't stand by while useless bitch traitors have a good Marine under fire and pinned down! This is a call to all like minded industry and non-industry people, to at the very least continue to pass this blog article around.  BETTER YET   -   If you are inclined to do so, either make the calls or write those malicious Borg-Like succubus fascists listed at the end of this article, and politely tell them how you support ARES ARMOR, and that their actions are UN-American, and that you are sending this story viral in the hopes that business trade and Travel into their area become greatly diminished through their UN-American actions.  Because we all know dam well, that the ONLY thing these anti-American pukes adjust quickly to is the redirected flow of their graft money! I say Politely because we do not want to give them any reason to flick more shit Dimitri's way. Hard enough being a small business owner of any kind in this country anymore, without giving bitches like these more ammo to send down range in his direction. 

By the way, anyone who likes to buy from us here at MechArmor because of our great products, nonabrasive
attitudes and generous humor; we should be carrying some of ARES ARMOR products here soon. Until then you can find them by clicking on their logo below. 

The following ARES ARMOR video is by "Nutfancy"



City of National City, 1243 National City Boulevard, National City, CA 91950
City Council
Phone: 619-336-4235

Councilmember Jerry Cano
Phone: (619)336-4234

Councilmember Mona Rios
Phone: (619) 336-4237

Councilmember Alejandra Sotelo-Solis
Phone: (619) 336-4283

Leslie Deese-City Manager
Phone: 619-336-4240


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