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Connecticut LE WILL go door to door!

Connecticut LE Will go door to door!

We will FOLLOW the Laws that THEY TELL us to Mam! 






Hmmm..... Now let me think, were was the last time I heard this idea expressed as an excuse?  Oh yes, the Nuremberg trials of NAZI leaders! 

Hey!  You Connecticut LE shit-heel, let a Jew who lost family in the Nazi camps slap you in your Fat clogged artery pasty white face with this - THE NAZI'S WERE BETTER THAN YOU!  Because at least THEY used this COP-out excuse AFTER the fact! They used it AFTER being caught up in the evil momentum of their time. YOU! You bunch of traitorous sheep herders! YOU will get NO trials, because by the word of your own mouth, YOUR actions are clearly PREMEDITATED!  Along with the fact that YOU HAVE THE HIND-SITE OF OUR SHARED RECENT HISTORY!  

The State of Connecticut has passed a law forcing all LAW ABIDING citizens to register semi-auto loading rifles and high capacity magazines, or be charged will a felony. More than 100,000 people could faced with SWAT front door removal and relocation services soon, and be charged with a felony that never goes away.

Now here's the rub; the CT legislature says they made this "unconstitutional" law in order to KNOW where the guns are! Which is funny, because at the same time a multitude of CT gun owners have received threatening letters about the law and their new duty to OBEY or, become registered felons facing incarnation. My point?  I would think that is obvious; they sent letters, which means they ALREADY HAVE RECORDS OF OWNERS OF CERTAIN GUNS!  So, technically the State legislature of CT and everyone involved in it from the top down, have LONG been in violation of their oath to protect and preserve the Constitution! 

Just like every single fascist and communist regime to ever exist, as verified by our history, this law is nothing more than a prelude to confiscate ALL firearms, not just certain ones; as always the forced registration process will simply make it easier to confiscate later.  AND - The more people that become automatic felons makes this all the better, because then these are people who the State and federal fashest know can not ever own any firearm again!  THUS, all of the rest of those guns you thought you owned, now also get removed! 

The main problem for all free upstanding law abiding people is, that few if any are willing to be the first to go down over this.  Yes its very easy for people to tell any population to stick together and not give in at all on this law or that, but when it comes down to being the one arrested and imprisoned for it? Not so much... If you recall in another blog on this topic a few short weeks back, I reminded people that they tried this exact law in NJ in the 80's, giving a deadline date to actually hand in such auto-loading weapons, and less than 1/4 of 1% of the people complied, and those that did handed in pure shit as expected.  But hey, that was NJ, and not for nothin, but going door to door for gun confiscation and arrests among the population in NJ? LOL.... Yeah, ok! Good luck with that. At that time evidently a smarter, less corrupted Commandant of the NJ State police was seen on all the main stream media news stations expressing very clearly that he would not be giving any such order to any trooper or anyone else, nor would he allow anyone else to supersede his command to do so.  Smart guy!  Connecticut Peace officer LT Vance, not so smart. Either way, this unconstitutional scare tactic is designed to divide and conquer, they are counting on that. Counting on the fact that the masses "individually" continue to remain dreadfully fearful of being among the first to go down on this. I guess its a good thing our forefathers after 1775 didn't allow such emotions to make them combat ineffective! 

Now, if 99% of the people in CT totally resist this law, by ignoring it completely as we did in NJ, will it just go away as it did in NJ at that time?  Well, certainly there are many new factors weighing in on the anti-gun issue these days compared to 1984.  My opinion is that it will go away, albeit there will be allot more saber rattling for a while, and vastly more scare tactic letters and LE news interviews, followed by making someone an example, etc. However, let's be realistic, no police force, not even the Federals have the funding or manpower for some protracted civilian round-up and incarceration - (unless this becomes about no trials and FEMA camps) - barring FEMA camps and no trials, they don't have the manpower, money or time for all those trials! Nor would many of them live through the first few days of attempting such a siege, and believe me, they know it.  No, the ONLY major change that would come out of such an action, as we have already seen after the anti-gun federal laws in the past several years;  would be to turn the rest of the non-gun owners all around them into new gun owners who are now sufficiently scared shittless of their State government. In my long experience, untrained, freaked out people with firearms will not help the CT States cause at all. In fact, that newly armed population would be FAR more unpredictable and exceedingly reactionary if such State lawlessness continues. 

As you have and will continue to hear clearly from these CT lap dogs, as stated by CT State Police office spokesman Lt. Vance; that state police would comply with an order from the state to conduct door to door gun confiscations. Yes, well LT Vance, good luck with that. 

The long and short of all this is, that about 350,000 CT State residents are now in violation of this new unconstitutional law; that is A LOT of felony charges and trials. So by these numbers it has been determined that between 4 and 6%, or about 1 in 20 CT homes could have their entrance doors redesigned by CT Tac-teams attempting to confiscate these firearms.

CT State Police Spokesman Lt. Heinrich Himmler Vance can be reached at 860- 685-8290 - Video below!



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