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Brown Coat Tactical Holster Review

Custom Hyper-Concealment "Deep Cover"

Waistband Holsters from Brown Coat Tactical

Some months ago I stumbled across this company, Brown Coat Tactical.

I was intrigued because for so long, like many of you I am sure, I have been plagued with finding the best daily carry holster, among an innumerable amount of holster choices which seem to expand weekly.  Myself, I carry one of two highly enhanced full size 1911's, both of which were modified by me. Modified by me because I'm a control freak and I wont trust my life to anyone else's handy work. At least this way I only have myself to blame when I hear the loudest sound in the field - CLICK! 

So, back to my large, former apple box full of holsters in the shop. Maybe some day I will do a Facebook slightly used holster give-away, but not yet.  As I said I was intrigued upon seeing Brown Coats holster design, and rightly so.  Luke Kerley and his wife own and run Brown Coat Tactical, and I found Luke to be extremely helpful and more importantly, open to design suggestions. Luke is building these holsters based on each persons needs and size, although I believe he is also going to start stocking some standard holster layouts in various sizes as well. 

I initially purchased two holsters from Luke, both of which I have pictured herein. Both pretty much the same layout, one for my silenced P-22, the other for my daily carry 1911. 



Simple really, the Deep Cover holster bands are fabricated from heavy duty 3" wide elastic that conforms to your body contours and movements. 


Again, it's the "KISS" method. Simply step into the Deep Cover band like a pair of underwear; and for you commando types, it may take a few tries to get back in the swing of that action! 

SMALL & MEDIUM FRAME Deep Cover holster:

FREAKIN LOVED IT!  Perfect for my P22! Literally within the first thirty minutes of wearing it, with 4 additional mags, I forgot I had it on! Best of all, IT DID NOT MOVE! Invariably I can spot a CC on someone because frankly, they feel the need to adjust the holster every time they change position, not these Deep Cover holsters!  Up, down, up, down, bending, running, it did not matter, for the first time I was not plagued with the telltale need to readjust my dam holster! 

Being a long time operator, I have come to own and only use gear that serves multiple functions. I HATE gear that limits me, and thus forces me to attain "other" gear parts to make the initial gear useful to the point it should have been in the first place.  Of course for most people this approach and mindset is a bit extreme for their daily protection needs. It may be extreme for now, but maybe not so much in the near future, and when the SHTF, Luke wont be taking any of your orders, so get yours soon! 

Does Joe bloe need to carry four mags, or 3 and a knife in Walmart or NAPA?  Maybe not today, but most Joe's aren't on someones record as a "likely known" dispatcher of their Jihad brethren....So then there's that.  But hey, if you could carry 4 extra mags in total comfort, why not right? Better to have it and not need it as they say; and if you want extreme comfort and versatility, customized to your personal needs, all at a very reasonable price, then Brown Coat Tactical has the answer. 

LARGE FRAME Deep Cover results:

Of course, a large frame all steel 1911, w/4 full mags is not a light load on your pants. In fact for years now I have carried my extra mags in my "Maxpedition gear" bag, and many times I even carried the 1911 in the bag as well because other holsters annoyed me.  However, the ability for me to comfortably carry the entire weapon load on me? Only one answer to that! The Brown Coat Deep cover solution truly distributes the weight in such a way that it is nearly as forgetful as carrying the light frame weapon.

One stipulation however, I would suggest, as Luke depicts on his website, the addition of a pistol-clip as an added protection against the pistol slipping out under extreme conditions. Like your getting your ass handed to you in actual hand to hand combat, or you decide to do inverted push-ups.

Although personally, while wearing the Deep Cover holster I attempted to dislodge it by throwing side, front and reverse spin kicks to my heavy bag, mostly because my bothers kids wouldn't stand still long enough; I was unable to dislodge my 1911. Although had my heavy bag been able to grab me and throw me like a cartoon character, my results may have changed. Just sayin... 


The Deep Cover band's sewn in Pistol holster sleeve has a forward slant allowing for an ergonomic draw in the 3 or 4 o’clock position, or all the way to small of the back. As stated earlier, Brown Coat will put these together based on the customers personal wants and needs, regardless of where you like to carry.  You can even turn the holster inside out to position the pistol upright for appendix carry. These Brown Coat Deep Cover holsters accommodate both LH or RH carry, or even worn up high for cross draw carry.  As you can see from my pictures below, if on occasion you are feeling lucky, and only want to carry 2 mags down and 1 up in the pistol, then the other mag slots can be used for such useful items such as an automatic knife, flash light, suppressor, or even 2 Pez dispensers for that quick pick-me-up!  In case you are in need of a new Pez candy dispenser, you can find those here! 


As I said, Luke will make these one-off for you based on your crazy ideas. My next Deep Cover will forgo the 2 rear mags in place of a single 6" fighting blade sheath positioned horizontally across the back for left hand pull.  I was also pondering a head band design from 2" material to hold my .45 suppressor on one side, and my 22 suppressor on the other, mostly to help me suppress the sound of my brothers kids.... ;-}


The Brown Coat Deep Cover holster design is the only one I didn't have in my big box of holsters, and I don't believe this product will be seeing the inside of that box anytime soon. Both the single thickness small & medium frame Deep Cover holster band, and its bigger brother, the double thickness heavy frame pistol band have worked out beautifully for me for daily carry or professional covert use.  I would recommend this product to anyone, professional or otherwise. 


Brown Coat tactical also has some other excellent products for tactical shot guns, Sniper and hunting rifles, and of course the ever present cool company logo T-shirts. 


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