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Bullets and the Last Primary Lead Smelter in US Closed!


Last Primary Lead Smelter in US Closed!

Another win for the Stazi-EPA in their fight to wind down the dying Empire before they turn the lights off!

I am seeing others in the gun industry reporting on this story because of the loss of lead for bullets to our industry, which may be true, although the Doe Run facility in Missouri did not supply bullet manufacturers at all, only 80% car battery's, and really, do we need car batteries in America?  Well, I do, I have been storing them for years for their lead content to make bullets when the time comes. 
Problem I see is that very few American's have been identifying the WHY all this is occurring. Most people get mad for about five minutes after hearing how the jackass corporate fat cats we bailed out, without any say I might add, with billions of tax payer $$$, are only a few years later pulling up stakes and leaving America and all those who aided them in their time of need behind for their new home in China. This of course would be GM, however if you do a little research you will find many other major old American companies have done this, and they did it long before the bail out crisis. GE is moving our oldest and most technologically advanced division to China as you read this scuttlebutt whispers are saying that Ford may now be preparing to move to Mexico.  All the rats are jumping ship! 

"According to an March 25, 2011 ABC News report, the company did report $14.2 billion in profits in 2010 but paid no taxes because most of of the revenues were generated offshore and the company's financial division."

"GE Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt, who serves as a top adviser to the Obama administration on job creation, told reporters earlier this month that given the nation's lingering high unemployment, big U.S. companies will be held "accountable" by the public for where they hire people. But with the company expecting to generate 60 percent of its sales outside the United States this year, GE plans to continue adding jobs overseas, he said." Reuters.


Why are all the "productive and valuable" rats jumping off the USS America? Because they were told to and aided by the US Govt to do so starting many years ago. "big US companies will be held "accountable" by the public...."  YES! by the public, NOT by those aiding in their escape & evasion plan! Last I checked the US public have little to no say in a dam thing, much less what these back stabbing corporations do. Boycotting their goods? Well, now you see that wont work anymore since the majority of their sales are expected OUTSIDE of the USA!  Ah...hello! That is why most of them took so many years before moving offshore, they needed to build and insure their continued sales and growth without YOU! Yes, because they were all well aware of their treason long before they began. 

They are leaving because the dark powers that be needed to remove all the important and productive assets long before they turn off the last light on what will soon become the America ghost ship. 

Yeah, you better be worried about lead production, and make your own moves that enable you to make your own bullets, which is fairly cheap and easy to do for most lower performance calibers, but that's only the small story here. If you pay any attention at all to the companies who left and are leaving, verses the companies they are just flat closing down through regulation and unrealistic EPA upgrading, you will quickly identify that the ones they are closing are the areas they already had covered in China. After they are finished pilfering the best of us corporately, and the rest of us monetarily, all that is left is America's vast, and I mean VAST resources! America, and most likely Canada, are the only two nations on this planet left with a great abundance of clean water. In fact you can research how our Fed and State government were allowing China to suck our Great Lakes dry for some time to refill China's dwindling aquifer within the last 5 yrs I believe. Using oil type transport ships filled with clean American water, towing giant bladders behind them, also filled with our water! And that is only where this nightmare is going to begin. I believe the former Governor Jesse Ventura had a show on this very subject. WHY, do you think the Federal government has been nearly completely ignoring America's crumbling infrastructure for so many years now, while at the same time spending countless billions on all manner of other UN-American ventures and Black projects? None of which will help any of you or your posterity. Easy answer, their plan does not make room for building up America any longer, nor maintaining it, it's all about closing the American corporation down and removing all files and assets, and eventually turning off the lights, which may actually be a literal event if all the military and police drills and exercises of the recent past are any indication. And if the lights are turned off literally nationwide, then yes, you had better be worried about having bullets on hand, and a lead supply to make more, along with a store of primers and powder. 

Unknown to most American's and surely the world, save a few of the special people, is that Montana is the Saudi Arabia for natural gas and the cleanest coal, Wyoming runs second to that. Now, suddenly only a couple of years ago everyone was shocked to find out that Montana, East & Western, has more high grade oil under her than Saudi ever did! What a revelation! If you believe this hasn't been known for a VERY long time before now, I have a mountain range that I can see from my back deck to sell you. Now let's consider America's (gov't stunted) ability to feed the world many times over annually through farming our extensively awesome ranges, as well as our animal production. Herein, you have the bigger picture of what they will be coming for, and they do NOT need any of us to help take it, in fact, you are all squarely in their way!  So prepare to be removed!

Water, Food, Coal, Oil & Gas, and one massive land mass with many established sea ports to ship from and to relocate billions of over crowded Chinese worker bee's!  Need I say more. 

Of course most, if not all of our fuel refineries aren't being targeted for closure by the EPA....hmmmm...wonder why that is? 

So, President Obama appointed GE Chairman Jeff Immelt to head his commission on job creation, oh sorry, his actual title is "job czar"; ostensibly Mr. Immelt is supposed to help create jobs. My question is, 'did the President forgot to tell him in which country he was supposed to be creating those jobs for?'  No, as I previously stated, it's part of the USS America decommissioning process, the Pres, as all others before him for several administrations now, TOLD their "job Caesars" to move them offshore!
And closing down yet another insignificant piece of old American infrastructure like the Doe Run smelter, is yet one more piece in a long line of proof to the decommissioning of America!

Slow and steady as she goes Captain, we're almost done here....

As far as US bullet production goes, the good news is today's bullet manufacturers buy their lead almost exclusively from SECONDARY lead smelters in the US. Secondary smelting operations produce lead by recycling products which use lead, mostly automotive batteries. 

However rest assured, as per the overall game plan and agenda for America, these secondary lead smelters are also coming under increased EPA regulatory pressure, including one in southern California which is shutting down operations to address cleanup issues. Will these secondary smelters survive and be able to continue meeting the demands of bullet manufacturers while battling the ever changing Federal regulations?  Most likely not for very long. As the attack progresses against such needed US companies, which by the way don't only smelt lead, but many other much needed materials, more and more lead is now being imported from Mexico, Canada, and other places. And as we all know, imports can be bottle-necked or closed off at any time by the Will of the King.

Bottom line:  Closure of the last primary lead smelter in the US should not curtail bullet production, but continued pressure on secondary smelters in the wake of continued closures do to Federal regulation will surely have that effect. Just as there are those who would love to use government power to end component suppliers for ammunition altogether. Add to that the ongoing effort using environmental claims to totally prohibit use of lead in all ammunition, as has been done with lead shot in places like California.

So,  there is reason to be concerned about the overall outlook for leads use in ammunition, but I don't believe there is reason to panic based on the Doe Run smelter plant closing. Your far greater concern should be the decommissioning of America, and exactly where the powers that be are in that process today. Almost finished I suspect. 

Now lets talk about lead bullets and weapon choices you should consider


For certain old style lever rifles are not most peoples first or second thought when purchasing weapons for survival, much less battle. However, not if, but when gilded high performance bullets are in short supply for your M1A and AR15, much less your high end Sniper rifles, you are screwed brother, better have a good Tomahawk!
 The Winchester and marlin lever guns come in many calibers, but for this conversation I'm sticking with hand gun calibers for two reasons:

1. They are cheaper and easier to build lead bullets for, and ,

2. you can use the same caliber in them as your side arm! BIG PLUS under those conditions. 

Of course as you see above, these rifles come in several barrel lengths, but again, lets stay with medium to short range use parameters for now, we will get to the long range work later. I like the carbine versions because its a quicker point inside a house or garrison condition, however the few additional inches might make the rifle better suited for some slightly longer work outside, your choice. You will also find that there are a multitude of companies that make aftermarket tactical add-ons for these lever guns, as well as scope mounts. 


Don't just discount these lever guns for their elderly design. If you have ever heard one of these 44 magnum carbines shot, even with hearing protection you know what I mean, dam near like the world is ending, much less if your 10 feet away and I am shooting it directly at you. I assure all of you hardened operators, your last thought will be to continue an advance in the direction of fire. Also, 44 mag from an extended barrel is not your fathers 44 magnum velocity anymore baby! Its rockin 240 grains of get the fuck out of the way! And god forbid your bullets are cast from soft tire weights!!! Because that will be about the size of the hole in the enemies back, like a 15" tire rim! Of course I am exaggerating here a bit, (maybe 12"...) but my point is these rifles are overlooked for this duty, and as I said, if your stuck melting lead for bullets, these are the rifles and calibers best suited for your long term use. 

A few ideas for side arm accompaniment






Again, most people will discount wheel guns for combat use, and I will conceded that my go-to pistol has always and will always be the 1911. However, I have this stainless compensated S&W 629, and when I REALLY want to make a point, the 629 is what I use to do that. Again, the point is not only made by the 44's penetrating personality

but again, more due to the earth shaking explosion plume that hits you, along with its ridiculously blinding flash, which may or may not be helpful to you at night when the pistol has a comp by the way...  I can tell you from vast experience with this wheel gun, as well as a longer barrel version I have; I can hit a standing man size target nearly every time out to 400 yards! Therefore, over the 1911 this ability alone to hit, and even scare the crap out of anyone with 240 gr near misses, makes the 44 wheel gun well worth having. 

Now for a simple but highly effective long range rifle platform, and my top pick for doing it old school

My Shiloh Sharps 45-120; when it absolutely, positively has to be there, and make the kill messy as hell! About as old school as you can get and have incredible extreme range accuracy. I will NOT advise using this weapon on any animal smaller than a Buffalo or large cow unless you are just killing to kill.  Overall bullet length on this with my 535 grain pointed bullet is around 4" long, and leaves the barrel at 1590 fps using my special duplex load which shoots VERY flat. So, if I am forced to go long, but I don't have anymore of my custom wildcat sniper rounds, or the target isn't worth spending any of those rounds on, I am assured a highly destructive kill on a man or other, with an equally disturbing psychological factor for all those standing near the assailed target. The dependable accuracy for me with this rifle is over 1200 yards. DOWN SIDE, slight plume of white smoke in front of the shooter.

Another great caliber for this style of rolling block rifle is the 45-70. This caliber may actually be a better choice for those inclined because its commercially available in smokeless powder!  I believe you can go to about 430 grains of bullet weight with the 45-70 which is more than enough destructive force on any soft target, even against body armor, and the ability to load these again with smokeless power means you get no smoke plume for the enemy to target. Either caliber is great for long range kills on anything that moves in North America, and both are extremely easy to reload by simple hand reloading tools. 


Moving on to 44 Mag semi-auto's, although there isn't to my knowledge much to choose from for you die hard semi-auto fans in 44 mag to keep your rifle/pistol ammo alike, we have the IMR Desert Eagle, which is another pistol I own in 44 magnum. I have also owned them in 357 and 50AE, but all in all the 44 wins out as being the best cartridge for this weapon. Again, I can engage and successfully hit out to 300 yards with the Eagle, but not quite as accurately as with the wheel gun. 

Now lets talk semi-auto rifles in pistol cartridges that can use non-jacketed lead bullets

Again, for all who would only consider newer rifle designs for the zombie apocalypse, there are several companies out there making AR style rifles in various calibers to choose from, and of course I am certain they are all excellent choices. However, I will speak about the one I have direct knowledge and confidence in. The boys at MGI Military Company.  MGI is an outstanding choice for a pistol, or even 7.62x39 caliber rifle because the rifles are convertible. 
Being that my personal choice for primary side arm before my custom Tomahawk is a highly modified 1911 in 45ACP, which I can make bullets for myself, I went with the MGI 7.62x39 configuration AR rifle because I can also make those bullets myself if need be. 

If you want to stick with a matching common pistol caliber in your battle rifle, MGI has these as well, and they are awesome.  A great idea would be to go with their 9mm AR rifle and use +P loads, which will really pick up allot of speed for knocking harder and extended range shooting in the longer barrel, and you can still use those same +P loads in your side arm if need be. 

Now lets look at bullet making

It's easier than most people think, and if you don't HAVE to do it all the time by hand, its actually fun. Brownells and other retailers have all manner of bullet making hand tools like the bullet mold above, and larger bullet mold blocks for making larger quantities in one mold, etc.  Best part about becoming familiar, and at least having the tools on hand even if you don't make bullets for use right now is, you can make your bullets over a camp fire if need be.  However, none of this means much if you don't store up powders and primers for all the calibers you intend to rely on.  Of course, I am aware of the "leading" issues that come with using non-jacketed lead bullets, especially in higher velocity weapons, which is why it would be good to learn about blending you raw lead to make it far harder for your higher velocity weapons. I added some great links below to learn what you need to know. As well it would be a very good idea to buy some professionally made Lead bars from Lyman to store.  

Contributing writer

Val Steiner


               Electric, Gas or Simple fire Lead melting pots      


               Lead Shot is a great medium for melting, storing or transporting   

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