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MGI - New 300 Blackout!


MGI - New 300BO Rifle Available Now!

We have spoken about MGI products several times now and recommended them highly, their newest offering is no exception. The Maine based company is committed to providing the US military, American law enforcement and civilian sports shooting communities, a weapons platform with incredible versatility, extreme endurance and reliability, all at a very respectable price point for such exceptional design.  This design brings value!

MGI's new .300 Blackout Hydra configuration as a complete weapon system, or for those of you who already have one, as a conversion package, is now available and shipping. 

RESIDING IN OLD TOWN, ME  MG Industries, manufacturers of the "MARCK 15 “Hydra” platform, which is a base system that enables the user to configure his rifle to any mission-specific length and caliber MGI has available. It has been MechArmors experience from working directly with MGI that all of their products are extremely well made right here in the USA, very versatile, and well priced. 

The .300 Blackout Hydra weapon system comes standard with the Modular Lower Receiver and AR Magazine Well, the  QCB-D Upper Receiver and a 16” barrel with low profile gas block, bolt and MGI’s modified bolt carrier. MGI will also add MechArmors TacOps-1 Tactical Charging handle to your order if requested.

The MGI MARCK 15 Hydra system accommodates other calibers by simply changing the rifles bolt, barrel and mag well without tools, and it is a quick change-over! (SEE Video below). MGI has several of the most popular caliber conversions already available, with more coming into production; we recently queried them about a version in .45 ACP, and hope to see that soon as well, we will be testing that one, so stay tuned!  We believe this modular system will continue to become very sought after, a really good fit for Special Forces operators who at times need to leave the enemies brass in their wake, rather than our own. We have visited the MGI facility and know the staff well enough to know we can give our customers our recommendation without reservation. In our estimation, due to the products outstanding design and functionality, especially at its current competitive pricing, this platform will see increasing popularity from Joe Weekend shooter, to Competition, Military, and Law Enforcement; some for mission specific needs, and the rest of us for awesome convenience, and flat out bang for the buck! Just a super versatile Black Rifle design! 

The suggested retail for the MGI .300 Blackout Hydra Modular Rifle is $1,299.00 with their CVP-300-BO conversion Package at $555.00.  Visit for your local retailer.

MGI products are MADE IN THE U.S.A., and available through Camfour (413-564-2300), Acusport (937-593-7010), Big Rock (800-334-2661) and Bill Hicks & Co., Ltd. (800-223-0702)

You can visit with MG Industries by calling them at 207-817-3280


TacOps Ambi-Charging Handles

Safer shooting by Design!


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