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Jihad Joe, now Smokin Joe!

Jihad Joe, now Smokin Joe! 


The following short video was sent to us with a request for our opinion on what happened with this guy.

We here at MechArmor have at many times in many places trained people how to SAFELY use the RPG, although correctly using this weapon is not as they say "rocket-science". This guy however must have had something lost in the manual translation.

The following is our opinion on the question based on the contents of the video below: 

Barring this being a veiled attempt by the shooter to get his virgins early; and his rocket not being a deliberately spiked round created to explode in the tube, which it does not appear to be by the lack of ordinance flash, we then tend to believe that the shooter made the most basic of errors. 

This is a great lesson for those of you who have a mind to fire high powered rifles through small "loop holes", from within buildings, etc. Although the same resulting error for you would not be as grave. 

As most of you should be aware, most weapons that use "optics" on them, generally have a large distance gap, usually vertically, between the weapons barrel center line, verses the center LINE OF SIGHT in the optic. 

Therefore, the NUBE shooter and even seasoned forgetful shooter, will sometimes forget this critical distance between the optic or sight and the barrel center-line and punch a hole in the far side of their pick-up truck bed or some other close proximity object that lays within the direct line of the barrel center-line, and of course the projectiles path. 

So, the object lesson that everyone around the shooter in this video learned the hard way was, that the sight picture the shooter SEES in the sight or scope, is NOT always the same unobstructed path of the projectile! 

Therefore, the RPG shooter in this video was actually hit by RPG tube shrapnel, probably caused by the over-pressure of the rocket not being able to fully clear the tube by obstruction. These kinds of accidents with the RPG also occur when the user does not keep the launch tube clean, which it appears in this video the shooter did prior to firing the weapon, although not in the way we could have cleaned the tube. So, the launch tube being clean or not, and the possible cause of this malfunction is still unknown. 


 Make sure the projectile has a clear path of travel!




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