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Law Allows Family Members to Confiscate Guns!

Barbara Boxer Proposes Law to Allow Family Members to Confiscate Guns from “Unstable” People

Washington DC:  In the wake of yet again another tragic murder spree in Isla Vista nearby the University of California, Santa Barbara; B. Boxer (D-CA) announced her Grand Idea for yet ANOTHER helpful anti-family, anti-gun Bill, calling her bill the "Pause for Safety Act".  Although as of this writing, I cannot easily find this Bill being reported on by the Main Stream Media; It will allow family members who are "allegedly" concerned for another family member’s mental health to petition the court for a “gun violence prevention” warrant."  OH YEAH!  What could possibly go wrong with that!  Going on to show that, as long as the court finds the person in question to be a threat to himself or others, they will issue the warrant, and the police will confiscate any weapons the person has, and that person will not be allowed to own a weapon after that.  We should all be waiting with baited breath to read just HOW the courts will make said determinations....possibly based on 100% hearsay from the family members?  No possibility for fraud or abuse there aye! And of course, we have no history in the USA of insane people, and or perfectly sane criminal types, gang-bangers, etc., attaining, possessing, and using guns or other weapons via illegal sources!

Bottom line, you CANNOT legislate the soul of man! Not that this is their overall agenda of course; total disarmament of the last remaining true superpower - (Armed American civilians) appears more and more to be the beginning of their new final solution. By any means necessary!  

As previously mentioned and not surprisingly, this bill is of course inspired by the Santa Barbara killer, and even less surprisingly, would have done nothing to prevent his actions. Noting, and this is just a STAB in the dark here, but since we know he was greatly successful in murdering people using a mere KNIFE prior to transitioning to his gun, then reason and logic might also dictate, that had he no access to any guns, he would have changed his tactics, and continued on quite silently, and possibly for an even longer spree, with his edged weapons. Did Senate (D) Barby B. add language in her Bill that will also allow, and more to this point, enable the Courts to limit and control Kitchen utensils and hand tools?  I mean if we can use history as any judge of mans ability to slaughter others using blunt instruments and edged weapons, to site the accomplishments of just a few like say; the Vikings, Genghis Khan, the Crusaders, Templar's, the Viet-Cong with their sharp sticks, or any decently trained modern military person with nothing more than his edged weapon of choice, then do we not have ample proof that men can accomplish the same without ball and powder?  So Barbara, either it all has to go back to plastic Sporks, or there is something far more wrong here that is not being addressed. Or even, dare I speak it....a conspiracy to force the ends of a now well known agenda. 

Barb said:

 “We failed our children. Call it what you want, but we are failing our children because we have a basic task to keep them safe. We have a function here not to allow someone who is unstable or violent to get a weapon.”

Original Hill Article Here:

Barbara Boxer says, "Under current federal statute, people with mental illnesses are only prevented from buying guns if they have been involuntarily institutionalized or a judge has deemed them mentally ill." 

YES Barbara!  Just like with Serial Killers, Armed rapists, Bank robbers, drug cartels, Federal agents who work with drug cartels, Child traffickers, etc. 

AGAIN, this all falls under the same Chapter heading - You cannot PRE-regulate the intentions of man! 

Her new actions, which are "allegedly" reaction to yet another allegedly random act of gun violence, is nothing more than an avenue to institute another bogus mechanism, and by extension, provides yet another avenue for later gun confiscation.

As it continues to be ignored, our question should be: What is considered “unstable" or “mentally ill?” Because we do have ample Western medical history which shows us that health officials will almost always uphold a judgement for "mentally deranged", even when they know better. The other issue in all this? LAWYERS! The Doctors run scared to death because of LEGAL LIABILITY cases against them. Rightly so, they don’t want to be held liable for that person’s actions just in case something goes South after the fact. Our system from time and memorial in this medical practice has been such, that once you are established "legally" as a mental deficient in their system, there is next to nothing you can do to get out with your so-called Rights in tact, much less your gun Rights. If someone is committed involuntarily, even on suspicion, their life as they knew it is over. Senate (D) Barbara Boxer’s new Bill just makes getting involuntarily committed easier by your already demented Liberal family members, and possibly I would suggest, even close friends and neighbors before all her ink is dry. 


Contributing Writer:

Val McKnight

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