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Greatest hoax ever perpetrated!

Greatest hoax ever perpetrated!

On the American people

Is this a "Shahada" ring our new King is wearing?

This story is based from News blogs which has now turned into unending emails depicting the same concerning Mr. Barry Soetoro, and his not so hidden past jewelry preferences.

By Contributing Writer:

Jerry Lightfoot Jr. 


The Subject: The Ring

The "facts" of which I do not believe most Americans have to go to far any longer to see as true; his birth certificate was outed as a fake by both the US Naval Intelligence, as well as Sheriff Arpaio's cryptographer; his SSN was also proven to be a fake out of Connecticut that used to be held by a long known dead man, proving this fact further; he could not even sign up for his own Health-Care because the system could NOT verify his identity! Are you kidding me? On top of that, even the E-Verify system set up specifically to catch fraudulent use of Social Security numbers flagged him as a fraud!

Over 19+ law suits in process on all these matters almost since day one of his presidency, and not one major impeachable process has come forward in all this time. Proving, certain interests paid millions to have the real identity blacked out on this man. In the last twenty years American and world citizens have lost almost all their privacy, almost all is available on the Internet, but not for this guy, this guy gets a huge segment of his history blacked out. I don't care what kind of ring he wears or what god he seeks in his private life, BUT Americans and all others worldwide who are being effected adversely by this maniac has a right to know who he really is. 

Back to this Ring of the Ruler issue:

It appears as presented by many people now, that Oby has been wearing the same ring for over 30 years. It also appears this ring has doubled as his wedding ring after the fact when he and his wife were married in October/92.

So, it appears he has been wearing this ring since before his marriage, and while he attended college having some contact with Muslims as we see depicted in the picture below.

So, if this is not originally, specifically a wedding ring, then the questions are; what is so important about this ring, and why is it always with him?

If this is as many believe it to be, a "Shahada ring", then yes, it will prove him further to be the liar and infiltrator that so many now believe him to be after publicly stating he and his family are Christian. 

Barry Soetoro AKA-President Barak Obamma w/ Hasan Chando at Occidental College 1981


Here he is wearing it as President! 

Here he is signing legislation wearing the same ring again!

The ring again seen while taking his oath on Lincoln, the "other traitors" bible.


So you are asking, 'what does the inscription on the ring?'

 lâ ilâha illâ allâh: There is no God except Allah!

Did I mention he is the only US President in History to BOW in subservient reverence to an Arab?

But what is everyone is wrong on this alleged "Shahada" ring? What is its actually far worse than even him being a closet radical Muslim. What if this ring is actually depicting his identity as being attached to, or worse, even one of the long known ancient "Serpent people", who have been working to gain more and more control of all mankind and the souls of men from our beginning?  I know, sounds Sci-Fi, and fringe insanity at best, but if you are a Christian or Hebrew, then you know that this species of controlling entity existed and thus, must still exist. So, if in fact they do still exist, wouldn't they have their own special "Ring of doom"?  One Ring to Control ALL!  Maybe even a special hand or claw shake, or special hisssssssss..... Yes, I can see how many people see some stylized form of Arabic writing on his ring of doom, and maybe it is just that, I mean for sure all the other evidence points to total subterfuge and cover-ups where it concerns his true identity.  BUT maybe, just maybe all the other fringe UFO alien hunter people are also correct, and these Serpent Reptilian people do still exist and able to shape-shift. Then might they also wear a ring, maybe one like this below, having some stylized motif as this ring? 

 If you look closely to both this Serpent ring, and his ring, you might also see many of the same curves

Or maybe his ring is more about bad 1980's street fashion - Pimp-Wear!...LOL 

Regardless of his religious leanings, Does anyone really know who this crack-pot is?


 On September 7, 2012, during an interview with his home town newspaper, The Carmel Pine Cone, Mr. Clint "make my day punk" Eastwood was dead-on when he stated:

                   "President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people."


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