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ShotGlasses - Super-Cool-Gear!

ShotGlasses - Super-Cool-Gear!

The TrackingPoint Company in Austin, Texas hits the X-ring dead center with this Kit! Super-cool innovation for the shooting sports industry is all I can say. I would also expect this product to find a home in some law enforcement and even military units. TrackingPoint has announced this new product to complement their scopes, it’s called ShotGlass.  Although this product is slated to be released in March 2015, they tell us you can pre-order it now for $995.00; they are also running a special giving the ShotGlass free if you purchase a TrackingPoint firearm between now and November 30th.

What can they do you ask?


Shooting around corners:


You can shoot from completely protected positions behind trees or around corners when it’s necessary to remain unexposed to the target.


Increased situational awareness:


When your Precision-Guided Firearm is zoomed in on a target, the view in ShotGlass can remain zoomed out. You get 2 unique fields of view on the same shot.


Video and voice recording


ShotGlass can record everything you see and say. You don’t need to clamp a camera to your hat anymore. ShotGlass videos download directly to your smart phone for sharing with friends, family, and social media.


Collaborative shooting and mentoring.


Friends or family can wear ShotGlass while you are shooting. They can see exactly what you see, and share your experience. A father can mentor his son by guiding him to the proper whitetail. A professional hunter sees exactly what target his client is engaging and can direct the client to the desired target and point of impact. In battle, a spotter wears ShotGlass to direct his sniper to the target in real-time under high stress.



Wide-screen WQVGA display; image appears as if on a 30” HD display

High contrast and brightness

Power-saving sleep mode

Android Operating System

Optical control buttons, for control even with hunting gloves on

HD camera

Speaker and microphone




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