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G. Duff for President?

If only what thou sayest could be!

Operation Kilo-Two

Can it happen? 

Does Operation Kennedy-2 have a chance of being fulfilled? 

Dare we hope? 


It would seem compared to so many other controlled narrative, controlled opposition shills out there like A. Jones, Drudge, and so many others, that G. Duff may have a real Intelligence based effort going to bring America back from the brink we find ourselves on today. Duff's factual and to the root points that he made openly at the International Conference on Terrorism and Religious Extremism held in Damascus Syria, recently appear to be proof of his intention, either that or he's got a death wish, and or works for the opposition he's speaking against so openly without being removed from the equation. This latter of course would only be accomplished by magic. 

If he is just yet another controlled-Op shill, we say!

G. Duff has been allegedly breaking all manner of what most would still consider to be completely unbelievable news, from alien/U.S Gov't treaties for off-world wars being waged, to free energy, and everything in between. To his credit and that of his staff, most of which appear to be current and former US Intel operators and the like, Duff's Intel alerts appear to be backed up by documents, and or the actual scientists involved, etc., as with his story on suppressed free-energy designs and the Iranian scientists behind outing it. However, again we find ourselves taking allot of this at face value in many cases as well. Thus, the intelligence gathering balancing act continues for the rest of us. I will say that upon researching Mr. Duff's bio, which of course like any bio, accentuates the positive, and this may just be me being overly critical, but when I look at what he is showing us on his bio as it pertains to the corporations and banking industries he is deeply affiliated with, this appears to contrast the ideas and paradigms he expresses below here in his presidential American-renewal program. 

With that, we give you Mr. Gordon Duff's platform for President of The United States:

A partial list of Gordon Duff’s preliminary platform!  Mike Harris who has already run for President will be his Vice President.  Mike is already researching all the requirements needed to get on the Democratic ticket, and will be a candidacy in the style of John F. Kennedy!  It will be grass roots effort, and we want everybody to participate.  To stay informed of the latest regarding the Gordon Duff Presidency make sure you sign up to the VeteransToday newsletter and begin campaign operations with the Veterans Today Truth Warriors group on Facebook.  ”We the People” are going to take our country back and we’re looking for people that want to help!

  • Federal Reserve will be gone on the first day! 
  • 45% of US debt is illegal and fraudulent, we can pay it off immediately and take no more debt 
  • Gordon would like to reinstate the draft for at least 1 year national service – some of that to be military. 
  • Military will be cut 70% 
  • Will eliminate the CIA and DHS entirely. 
  • Will close the borders of the United States entirely to illegal immigration 
  • We will have a national discussion on immigration and what is best for people of this country. 
  • Electoral College will end. 
  • Free Energy will be released immediately! 
  • Congress’ ability to interfere with foreign policy will end. 
  • We will move to a real paper ballot system for elections across the country. 
  • States will regain all the rights they have lost. 
  • People that want to pray in school will be able to do so. 
  • Corporations and their influence over government will have to change. 
  • Move to a national $10 an hour minimum wage and restructure economy to maintain a $15 min wage. 
  • Education and Health Care will be a right and no longer a privilege. 
  • Lee Wanta’s money will be used to rebuild America and create millions of jobs. 
  • Companies that do business in the United States will not be allowed to move their headquarters outside of US for tax reasons. Few taxes will be paid for those companies that come back to the United States and do business in a way that maximizes employment and welfare of the country.  If you decide to stay overseas, play games and manipulate the US government, we will hunt you down and empty your pockets. 
  • The US will close most of our bases overseas and end most of our military adventures.  
  • Lying to the American people through the media, entertainment and public schools is a criminal act and will end. 
  • Any American that shows primary allegiance to a foreign country will be assisted in moving there and not allowed to return. 
  • The ability to go into and out of the United States will be carefully monitored. 
  • We will have issues with businesses and organizations that exist to cheat and prey on others. 
  • We will have issues with narcotics, with poison food (GMO), poisoned air (chem-trails), and poisoned water. 
  • We will have issues with the consumer economy being used to brainwash Americans into poisoning themselves and developing a lifestyle that does not serve them. 
  • Gordon wants to see a country where people can take vacations, work efficiently and get paid well for their work. To be able to retire and live healthy. 
  • Gordon wants to see a country with 1/10th of the people in prison that are currently there! Most are in prison for victim-less crimes. 
  • We want to see a country where children don’t have to go into the military and serve 6 tours of Afghanistan and come home and shoot themselves because it was the only issue they were given. 
  • We must look at the divergence of incomes in this country. 
  • There is no reason for energy costs because we’re not going to use hydrocarbons. There is no cost to energy that is delivered on the spot via suppressed technologies. 
  • With no cost to energy, no stopping at the gas station, no cost to heat homes, many opportunities arise. 
  • We’re not going to use fiat debt based currencies anymore. There will not be a Federal Reserve.  Money will become a less important part of life when we don’t have to pay for energy anymore when education and health care are no longer a privilege but a right.  
  • We must reverse the dumbing down of America that has been going on for generations. 
  • We are going to lead and rule the world with our talent base and our work ethic. 
  • We need to restore a political life where common Americans take an interest in politics, we’re going to remove large amounts of money from politics, we’re going to remove all lobbying, all PACs, all corporate money from politics. We’ll have grass roots elections. 
  • We’re going to search for people with leadership skills to be a leader in this country! People that want to lead because they have talent not because they want to rule over people. 
  • We can’t afford to have anyone in this country to be utterly ignorant anymore. We’re in our third consecutive generation of dumbing down.  We can’t survive this anymore. 
  • Our Congress and Supreme Court have knowingly taken away Constitutional rights away from the American people and they’re going to jail for it. 
  • There will be mass arrests with citizen grand juries. We will take everybody involved down!  We don’t need organized crime to run this country.  We’re going to put organized crime in prison and then we’re going to look at who’s in our prisons and many of the innocent will be coming out.

Mil-Operator and SWAT LE Approved and Used!



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