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The Mighty Ulfberht .338 Lapua Magnum Continues the Legend


  "Ulfberht" , and ancient Viking name found on some very special swords. The Ulfberht is a mythical Viking sword that is believed to have been carried by certain high ranking Viking Kings and chieftains.

If you do not know the history, or the modern information that now exists on this awesome sword, and the highly specialized alloy it was produced from, it would be worth your time to become aware of the details. Amazingly, the metallurgical experts who have tested Ulfberht swords found by archaeologists appear to have no clue as to how or where the Vikings got the alloy recipe for these swords. A level of alloy steel that has only been realized in our modern times. So, for most this remains an unanswered question. 

Ulfberht is a semi-automatic, magazine fed, gas piston operated, long-range precision rifle utilizing the ever popular .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge. The .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge was specifically developed by Lapua for long range sniper and long range hunting and target rifles.

How is it designed?

"Mechanically, the rifle is extremely simple, having only 48 individual parts and only ten moving parts that need to be maintained. Its mechanism is based on the Russian DP 28 machine gun. The simplistic, but reliable gas piston operating system of the DP 28 machine gun has been inverted and refined in Ulfberht to feature magazine feeding. An adjustable gas system allows users to operate the weapon in a variety of environments and situations, including extreme heat, extreme cold, and suppressed for all standard .338 Lapua Magnum loads of ammunition. We have designed and produced each component to the very highest quality possible to ensure a very long life. Review the technical specifications page at Alexander Arms for further components details".

Why Alexander Arms says the Ulfberht is special:

"We have created a rifle that can capably, readily, accurately, safely, and simply place multiple shots on target at distances of up to 2,000 yards in a matter of seconds. It achieves all of these things without compromising the core needs and expectations of shooters. In balancing design, function, and ease of use with superb metallurgy and components, we have created the optimal rifle for the needs of military personnel as well as long-range shooting enthusiasts worldwide. The rifle will continually digest full-power .338 Lapua Magnum ammunition while requiring very little maintenance or cleaning. We have designed the weapon to have relatively low recoil, allowing the shooter to watch his or her own shots impact their target. We have built in compatibility with low-pressure ammunition, high-pressure ammunition, and suppressors. We have designed components to operate perfectly in both extremely cold and extremely hot conditions. Safety of the shooter is not spared; the weapon cannot be fired out of battery. Accuracy and follow-up shots are paramount and we have proven it: four consecutive hits on a 12-inch target at a distance of 1,400 yards in only 3.5 seconds".  Alexander Arms Website


The Ulfberht chassis features a monolithic steel receiver w/continuous 1913 rail. The aluminum forend is modular, and allows the mounting of picatinny-rail sections, and or direct attachment of accessories. All of the Ulfberht's metal components are finished with either Ion-bond, Black Nitride - (melonite), or hard coat anodizing. The rifle stock is a modified Magpul PRS with a side-folding mechanism, much like the old AR18 we loved so much, as well as an adjustable cheek-piece. 

The action:

The Ulfberht bolt, bolt carrier and long-stroke piston are constructed from Ion-bond coated hardened stainless steel. The Ulfberht’s action is closely based on the Russian Degtyarov DP-28 light machine gun design from World War II. Obviously being similar in design to the Russian machine gun that was designed to be run near continuously under the most harsh conditions, the Alexander Ulfberht design will be more than capable of longevity even using the large .338 Lapua round. 

Alexander Arms says that the Degtyarov "flap-lock" action is a better action for large calibers than the rotating bolt design. A less violent bolt opening after the cartridge is fired, it also spreads out the recoil impulse throughout the whole receiver instead of just the barrel extension The design also prevents firing out of battery, as the firing pin has to pass through and activate the two locking flaps before setting off the cartridge primer.

As tested by Alexander Arms’ they say, "the Ulfberht is capable of four consecutive hits on a 12-inch target at a distance of 1,400 yards in only 3.5 seconds".

The Alexander Arms’ testing facility:

The Ulfberht rifle with optics were frozen in a cryogenic chamber overnight several times at -20 and also -40 degree F before the testing. Now that's saying something if ability and longevity under extreme conditions is your question before spending 7k? 

Alexander Arms says the rifle recoils about the same as the usual AR-10 rifles. The staff at TFB who field tested the Ulfberht said, "they could only describe the felt recoil is akin to that of firing a .45 ACP pistol but on a larger scale. There’s good amount of recoil but it’s more of a soft long push than a sharp jump", and that, "the Ulfberht is a controllable gun to shoot especially for one that’s chambered in the .338 Lapua Magnum caliber". 

As we speak SHOT show 2015 begins, and Alexander Arms says they will have a SHOT Show promotion for the Ulfberht available for the duration of the show, and will be $1300.00 off the list price. The retail cost of the rifle is $6,850.00 and includes a complete rifle, owner's manual, and four 10-round magazines shipped in a high-quality hard case.

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