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F.C.C. Net Neutrality Rules Clear Hurdle as Republicans Concede

NY Times: F.C.C. Net Neutrality Rules Clear Hurdle as Republicans Concede! 

 The Republican resistance in Congress surrendered to President Obama’s call to protect an open Internet, with rules likely to be approved by regulators on Thursday.

[Forever playing the theatrical role of the hapless Washington Generals to Smokin-Joe’s invincible Harlem Globetrotters, the Republi-cant majority of cry-baby Boehner and creepy Mitch McConnell have surrendered again, this time over the issue of "net neutrality".  Smokin-Joe’s regulators can now declare victory in their self-described effort to "protect an open Internet".] 


This of course is a yet one more move in their longer fascist takeover game, and although things will not appear to change or go bad immediately, they will go south, or LEFT as it were. Once the alternative media is suppressed expect the arrests to start; DON’T GET TAKEN - attrit, attrit, attrit!!!   Unconventional War doctrine has proven that if only 1/4 of the 90 million US gun owners resist it will take 1000 regular troops to suppress EACH 1 resistor.   1/4 of 90 million is 22,500,000!  Times 1000 equals = 22 billion, 500 million; there are not that many troops and cops, (or people), in all the world combined to take down American gun owners. And that 90 million gun owner number is a bit dated since Smokin-Joe took power. The Federal stats have shown an intense and amazing up-tick in gun and ammo sales of all kinds since 2010, with each subsequent year to 2014 breaking the past years gun sales records.  Other earlier stats showed us that in the USA, there are 90! – 90 guns per HOUSEHOLD! By our estimation, after the gun buying craze which conservatively began in 2010, you can now quadruple that “weapons per household” number. Forget other nations gun ownership stats, American’s outgun all their armies put together! So, conventionally “gunning” us down one by one, ain’t gonna happen! So in my humble opinion, expect an unbelievable catastrophe to occur.  

[The power grab is on, and the Obama Executive Branch will keep it all under wraps until it is too late for you to protest against it.  Such has been the tendency of the Obama White House for six years, but now the brazen tyranny is being pranced in front of us as if the hard left minions of President Obama are daring us to make a peep about it.

Though the article's pro and con arguments regarding the various issues in question seem a bit confusing (as intended?), the poison pill buried in this regulatory scheme reveals itself about halfway down the article:

"Internet service providers say heavy-handed regulation of the Internet will diminish their profitability and crush investment to expand and speed up Internet access. It could even open the web to taxation to pay for new regulators."  

BANG! Another shot nearly heard around the world - If the state can tax it, the state can regulate it. So again, how long before the use of some of the alternative media’s favorite terminologies and in your face exposure of the cockroaches come up against their new "regulations" under the guise of "hate speech"? How long before people’s opinions about war crimes in the Ukraine hosted by American tax payer $$ and planned by certain Zio-tribal fascists, and thus totally covered up by all Western media whores aiding them to overthrow sovereign nations, is classified as "sedition" on your part?

[Republican FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai has revealed in various media interviews that the regulations against Americans through Net Neutrality are provided in a 332 page internet regulation proposal that he has been disallowed to make available to the public.  Pai says the provisions in the regulations being proposed are a “monumental shift toward government control of how the internet works.” According to Pai, the proposed regulations “micromanages virtually every aspect of how the internet operates (through the internet conduct rule), it opens the door in billions of dollars of new taxes (through fees based on the reclassification of the internet as a utility) on broadband that consumers are going to have to pay, it will lead to slower broadband speeds, it opens the door to trial lawyers filing class actions across the country, litigation isn’t usually the best way to ensure innovation, and there are a whole host of harms that are going to happen.”

Tom Wheeler, the Democrat that is the FCC chairman, has not only refused to allow the public to see the 332 pages of proposed regulations, but has now even refused to testify before Congress, claiming the secrecy is necessary because “the future of the Internet is at stake.” The refusal to go before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday comes on the eve of the FCC’s vote on new Internet regulations pertaining to net neutrality that are planned on Thursday.

The lack of transparency exists for simply one reason: because Wheeler, and the minions of the Obama Executive Branch, know that the provisions are unconstitutional, that they are acting in defiance to a court decision, and that the voting public and Republican members of Congress would disapprove of the tyrannical attack against online free speech.

Wheeler, with his refusal to reveal the regulatory control contained in the 332 pages of regulations, is essentially telling us the same thing Nancy Pelosi said about the Affordable Care Act.  “We’ll have to become subject to the new regulations to find out what’s in them.”

With three Democrats and two Republicans on the Federal Communications Commission, one would think the passage of the new regulatory rules would be a lock for the liberal left progressives, but Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, one of the Democrats on the commission, has requested changes to the new rules that would narrow the FCC’s authority over the internet.  Clyburn’s request may be a sign that the Democrat may be willing to break ranks and vote against the new rules with the two Republicans.

Behind the 332 pages is the proposal by President Barack Obama to treat the internet like a utility, which would unconstitutionally seize federal power to regulate the Internet like a public utility, establishing federal rules of control, restriction, and limits on innovation that have, up until now, allowed online technology to prosper and blossom in ways that only an unfettered free market is capable of.]

We don't expect any heavy-handed thought control to crush the alternative media overnight, or even anytime soon, that's typically not how these things unfold. However their time frame appears to have been sped up due to the alternative media’s growing popularity, so it may not be all that too far off.

 Bottom line is, we have massive and proven NSA control growth issues; we have the militarization of all US Police forces proven and obviously getting out of hand; we have totally and openly controlled government law makers whose rotting corps equals if not surpasses that of South American countries of the 70’s. Now the camel’s nose is under the Internet tent! Only thing left it seems is book burning rallies.  

And the inevitable Fascist power-grab marches on nearly unabated by anyone of any consequence!

******The-lawn^is-green****The-lawn*is green**…. LOL…. I bet you thought this song was about you!

Contributing writer

P. James

Send your complaints to the FCC via this link:

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