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Forced Vaccinations Coming

Ominous Texas vaccine database legislation


Measles, Ebola, H1N1, ?

So that's how far most American's ability for critical thinking has fallen? That the media can hype a few cases of the Measles in Florida, call it an OUTBREAK, and everyone is ready to line up for a new mandatory "against our CONSENT" ass-jab of unknown origin! And then in totally unrelated acts, the Congo-ress and other State law makers are promoting House Bills to FORCE inoculations on EVERYONE! 

Listen, lets just bypass all the law making and constant, never ending diatribes on the news attempting to convince everyone THROUGH TOTAL FEAR tactics of how scary life can be, and how much danger we are all in because of a few people who have ACTUALLY used their brains and ability for critical thinking, RESEARCHED all the now verified information out there which has proven just how dangerous Big Pharma's cocktails are, especially to our children, many of which in drastically growing numbers are becoming Autistic from these vaccines, AND just tell us where the Gas Chambers are so we can all just start lining up to make it easier on you political types, and so that we can finally just have some peace and quiet from the constant, debilitating shrill of your girly-man voices!

FIRST FUN FACT - There is not, nor has there EVER been a shred of large scale scientific evidence that any vaccines work, PERIOD!  WHY?  Because you cannot TEST for such a thing in real time, controlled conditions.  We have eight cases of the Measles in Florida, "an OUTBREAK", and ALL of those people are reported to have BEEN previously vaccinated for this disease! In fact, in virtually all of the alleged outbreak cases they have found that those people were all previously vaccinated as well, although the media will NEVER allow those critical facts to become widely known. Another fact that pales in the face of such ridiculously low numbers of afflicted people in this recent Measles case, is that the Flu is KNOWN to kill upwards of 30 to 50,000 people a year! And a large percentage of those die from side effects of the vaccine itself!  Although those stats are kept heavily under wraps by the mainstream media whores as well.  Just as they all recently and totally ignored the US Navy's test of the Flu vaccine this year which has only received widespread play on alternative media news sites. 

Want proof? Ask the U.S NAVY - USS Ardent, Feb 14, 2015, (see video below) who beyond a shadow of a doubt, and for the first time that we have ever been made aware of, inside a totally controlled giant test tube, known as a NAVY SHIP, proved the Flu vaccine CAUSES the Flu! No one has to question the legitimacy of whether or not Big Pharma and the CDC's BS falsified scientific rhetoric is true or not concerning the viability of their vaccine claims - ITS NOT TRUE!   What is true however is that all of their vaccines have been found - scientifically tested - to have all manner of animals viruses, other viruses, and mercury!  And listen people, whether or not you believe that all these viruses exist in them or not means nothing, because the Mercury alone is the deal breaker of all time. Short of these vaccines being tainted with radioactivity, there is nothing worse to have been added to them to cause long term, irreversible harm to humans, than Mercury! 

FUN FACT 2 - Adults, and or their children who resists any and all vaccinations for any number of reasons, have been and WILL be the cause of such outbreaks! I JUST have to laugh in the face of such absolute and UTTER stupidity, literally gut wrenching! There was a time many years ago when one of my five children banged their head fairly hard while playing at the park; all of them are UN-vaccinated from birth, with maybe 8 mild colds between them over 15 years, none lasting more than 2 days; that day we decided to run him over to the Emergency room for a quick look over because I was on the fence whether or not he needed stitches, he did not. Long story short, the 40 something male doctor asked if he was vaccinated, of course we said no. I could see he was disturbed by this, but holding his tongue.

He then said that our son should have a Tetanus shot. Of course, having a Doctored scientist for a best friend who many years before began enlightening me to all the horrific facts surrounding all these vaccinations, I recalled to this doctor how the Tetanus vaccine was found to be one of, if not the most polluted vaccines in existence. It of course was not lost on me that this vaccine is also the most used vaccine. Surely a coincidence.  This doctor, who of course was an M.D - Medical Deity, could hold his tongue no longer and decided to school me on all the virtues of vaccines, how we were putting all other children that my children come in contact with at risk of disease, and finally decided to berate our validity as good parents. That's when I took the gloves off. I held my tongue to that point because we were now in the hall and many people where listing to him grandstand.  Thus, when he was done, and using my most innate Brooklyn NY cultural trait of bashing know-it-all's with the OBVIOUS and LOGICAL, I, also in my outside Brooklyn accent voice, asked the good doctor, "HOW, if you are correct, and your vaccines work sooo well to create a blocking force against these diseases in everyone who is vaccinated, CAN MY UN-VACCINATED CHILD POSSIBLY GIVE YOUR "VACCINATED" CHILD THE DISEASE IN WHICH THEY WERE VACCINATED FOR?"  The hall grew quiet! The doctor was visibly stymied for several seconds, and the next person to talk was two older gentlemen about ten feet away who said, "hey, that makes allot of sense, I never thought of that before".... Case closed, that Medical Deity walked away saying have a good day...LOL  

People, what you are seeing here, just as with their failed attempts at gun control after alleged "shootings", and now bullet control, and Internet control, is all based on "divide & conquer", this new, fabricated health issue, propaganda for forced inoculations, and push for new laws to that end, is the worst kind of divide and conquer. Because they, with their media whores, will attempt to cause all people to hate and fear those anti-vaccination people, and after that they will work to either force inoculate them all, and or ostracize them socially, and then ship them in the new rails cars people have seen with shackle points on the floors and walls, to the FEMA camps that also do not exist.  Maybe not this week, or next month, and maybe not even while you are still alive. However, if people everywhere don't wise up and fast, it will happen to someone. The real issue is, it may be your kids it happens to. Hey, roll the dice! 

We make this deal with all forced vaccine officials - We will take your shot so long as you take our shot first! 

The National Vaccine Information Center has issued an alert for Texans to help stop forced vaccination and government coercion in their home state. A total of nine bills are currently pending in the Texas state legislature that threaten medical choice and fundamental human rights.

These laws are the extension of the current wave of vaccine hysteria sweeping America thanks to an aggressive new push toward medical fascism by the mainstream media.

These bills blatantly violate the American Medical Association's published Code of Ethics which require informed consent for all medical interventions. But medical extremism in America today is not bound by anything resembling medical ethics, and if these Texas lawmakers get their way, every person living in Texas will be tracked like dogs with a government-run vaccine status database that will almost certainly be used to conduct house-to-house SWAT raids and arrests of those who refuse to be vaccinated.

From the National Vaccine Information Center:


2 NVIC and PROVE Events at the State Capitol this Week -- PLEASE Attend!
Hearing on Tuesday and Legislative Visitor Day on Wednesday

1) Registered OPPOSITION needed at House Public Health Committee Hearing on HB 465: A bill to remove the current opt-in consent requirement for inclusion in the government vaccine tracking system and instead makes inclusion automatic for adults and children alike. The bill provides for an intrusive and ineffective opt-out. The state should continue to ask permission before they are allowed to take, track and share someone's vaccination status. This information is used for vaccination enforcement and research.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015, 8:00 a.m. Capitol Extension Hearing Room E2.012, Austin, TX

We need people to arrive by 7:45 a.m. and submit a witness affirmation card against the bill on behalf of themselves and any organizations they represent before the hearing starts. Please feel free to stay and watch the hearing or submit written or oral testimony against the bill. More information on this bill will be coming tomorrow and please plan to be there if you can! -- history and text for HB 465 -- hearing notice

2) Legislative Visitor Day to Stop Forced and Coerced Vaccination in Texas
Wednesday, March 4, 2015 9:50 a.m. -- 2:30 p.m., Committee Hearing Room E1-026 in the Capitol Extension to start, then the rest of the Texas Capitol, Austin TX

Legislators and staff need to be educated to stop a multitude of bills filed that enable forced or coerced vaccination in Texas. Please come to the Capitol and help! We will supply the training and legislative educational materials.


9:50 a.m.: Meet outside of Committee Hearing Room E1-026 in the Capitol Extension

10 -- 11 a.m.: Bill Briefing, Visitor Training, and Legislative Visitor Packet distribution from PROVE and NVIC in Committee Hearing Room E1-026

11 a.m. -- 1 p.m.: Visit Assigned Legislative offices and drop off packets

1 -- 2:30 p.m.: Lunch (please bring money), Sharing, and Debriefing in the Capitol Extension Cafeteria

Parking: Capitol Visitors Parking Garage located at 1201 San Jacinto, between Trinity and San Jacinto Streets, at 12th and 13th Streets.

Attire: Your appearance is important. Please wear business clothing. (Women: dress slacks, suits or skirts. Men: dress slacks and ties, suit coats optional). The truth is you will be judged on your appearance as you represent the side of informed consent to vaccination so please dress professionally. Comfortable but nice walking shoes are helpful. If you are choosing to bring children, they should be dressed conservatively and neatly, and you should bring another adult with you to hold your children or occupy them while you present information to an office.

We are requesting that all attendees pre-register for this event so we can divide visitor teams and legislative educational materials ahead of time. We will be checking your name against our sign up list at the 10 a.m. educational session. Please sign up here:

You will be visiting the offices of your own State Senator and State Representative in addition to a handful of other legislative offices that do not have someone from their district attending. Expect to share your story with the offices you visit about why it is important to your family that bills that force and coerce a one-sized vaccination schedule in Texas need to be opposed.

If you have a family member who has been injured or killed by a vaccine, please be ready to share that story. We will also have presentation materials to help you explain why the bills below should be opposed. We all are aiming for a human connection with legislators and staff. Sincere, respectful, and educational communications are our top priority and the most effective.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday and Wednesday!


Dawn Richardson and Rebecca Rex
Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education (PROVE) and Texas NVIC Advocacy Co-directors

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Nine bills in Texas that threaten total medical tyranny against your body

Here is the list of the current proposed NINE bills that should be OPPOSED:

HB 2006
Introduced on 2/26/2015
Eliminates Conscientious Exemptions to Vaccination

HB 1674
Introduced on 2/19/2015
Requires physician counseling for conscientious and religious belief exemption

HB 1593
Filed on 2/18/2015
Requires all public schools provide parents the number of students enrolled not fully vaccinated

SB 547
Referred to Senate Health and Human Services on 2/18/15
Requires posting of exemption numbers on the Internet by schools and the Dept. of Health

HB 212
Referred to Juvenile Justice & Family Issues Committee
Allows minors 14 and older in the Texas Juvenile Justice System to consent to vaccination

SB 29/ HB 465
HB 465 scheduled for a hearing in Public Health Committee for 3/3/2015
Makes inclusion into vaccine tracking system automatic & REMOVES current opt-in consent requirement

SB 538
Introduced on Feb. 10, 2015
Expands police powers to detain individuals suspected of exposure to communicable diseases

SB 298
Referred to Senate Education Committee
Adds new meningitis vaccine mandate for public school students

Learn more:

Learn more:


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