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Gun Control Extremists Fake Gun Shop in NYC

 Gun Control Extremists Fake Gun Shop in NYC

Guess these bitches resent their latest nose bleed on the .223 Ammo!

As reported by The Washington Times:

“Our goal was to grab people’s attention,” New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Executive Director Leah Gunn Barrett told The Washington Post. “Gun owners often believe that firearms make them safer, but having a gun in your home actually makes you far less safe for homicide, suicide and domestic violence.” (Courtesy of States United To Prevent Gun Violence).

The idea to create a fake store (and a mock gun-selling website) arose last fall when a newly released Gallup poll revealed that less than half of all Americans favor stricter gun laws, Barrett said. That’s when SUPGV, of which NYAGV is affiliated, decided it needed to push back.

Instead of organizing a news conference or launching a conventional awareness campaign, the team decided to try something else entirely: a bold social experiment in the form of a fake commercial enterprise full of hidden cameras.

Barrett added that her group is particularly interested in reaching parents who own firearms.


Are you freaking kidding! Once again our hard earned $$$$$$ at work against us and our Freedoms, which are the Effing law of the land by the way!  Punch out of this blog story right now if you have some aversion to hearing someone who grew up in Brooklyn NY say it how it is, and so that it will stick! I am pissed about this fiasco on several levels, some of which most people may not even consider to be going on here. 

Maybe some of you reading this have visited NYC, maybe even some of you are from there originally as I am, and those of you who grew up there will see right off in the following video that "possibly" one, maybe two of the people they show as potential walk in customers are NOT New Yorkers or Jerseyites who work there daily. Both the accent and especially the attitudes are all wrong.  Growing up there I know from anti-gun people and pro-gun people.

1. NEVER, no way, no how, will ANY left wing, anti-gun New Yorker just mosey on into a gun store. Truthfully, in NY during a work day few would even notice it, and those that would, given that district, would have not given it a second thought, believing it to be yet another artist with something to say. 

2. NYC, Brooklyn and all the rest of the burrows are NOT and have never been an anti-2nd Amendment community. Virtually all of the people I knew growing up, and that's ALLOT of people, all races, colors, creeds and religions, owned guns, all were and remain hard core patriots, even the criminal types. Many of which would throw someone a beating without even a single thought for speaking against this country or our Rights. If you are a jackass like these people, and make the wrong comment in the presence of the wrong person, Brooklyn is a great place to become hospitalized. Most of the people I knew had what I would consider to be small arsenals in their homes, with many of the Jews in my neighborhood who owned business's carrying concealed. The NY State government is where most of the anti-gunners live and breed. As typical, even in the States that we usually believe to be total left wing anti-gun States, the real anti-gunners are in serious minority. The ONLY reason why their voice remains so looming is because the corrupt US Federal Govt provides back door funds to people, and groups of people like the group who allegedly pulled this stunt off, when they should be using those funds for mass medicating of those people via Oby-gyn-care. 

3. If even three of the people that they "authorized" their video editing crew to leave in this video were actual New Yorkers, after hearing that pitch, you would have seen the REAL N.Y attitude busting out all over the place. First thing we would see is someone opening up on this jackass-counter-troll about his anti-sales pitch in a big way. In case you are not aware, people in NY do not have or take the time for Bull shit. If they do have a second on their way to wherever they are going, usually to or from work, to stop into such a store, and they find you are screwing with them like this, it will be on! Its difficult for me to express the reactions they would have truly received there in writing here, but most of you have watched enough of us Brooklynites and Jerseyites on TV to have a decent idea of how this situation would have played out more than not. And allow me to tell you how very few TV shows or movies, even the Soprano's has provided you with a completely realistic picture. Your first clue that this is one of the extreme lefts totally controlled deceptions is, not ONE use of the word "fuck" followed by a 7.62 mini-gun stream of less than cordial jeering on their way out. Which now leads me to WHO they actually used in this video. 

They used the same "Crisis Actors" that they use all over the place, and have been caught using on many occasions now by various people, investigators and organizations. It is generally evident when these actors are being employed by their laid back and easily manipulated demeanor, but more importantly in the end its always that they all share the exact same story-line, or lines of bull shit in this case.  

I would also like to point out what I consider to be very obvious, but may not be immediately considered by many; which is to point out how quickly and efficiently these Liberty-Trolls "fabricated" this Psy-Ops sting operation, complete with more electronics than most law enforcement operations might use for the same. At the very least this should alarm us all. This ability, funded by our own tax dollars in most cases, to set up fake scenarios, using pretend citizens, or in many cases pretend victims, capturing it all on film, then using the mass media after the fact. Does this pattern sound familiar to any of you? It should.  

The bottom line is, this entire fiasco is fake and those who do these things against their brothers and sisters in America are liars! And they are liars because they love and follow their father the first liar! 

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Contributing writer:

Vincent Battaglia



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