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Open Carry Passes in Texas State Senate!

Is it Conspiracy, or Just Stupidity?

Although these kinds of State laws being generated now in certain States, ours included, appear to be a good thing. We question whether or not there may be a far more insidious motive behind them. And no, it’s not a conspiracy, it may be just "stupid" as usual in America, or in fact it may be an actual plan. Here is the issue as we see it. "OPEN" carry, and even Concealed carry for that latter, of ANY "arms", long or short was implemented by the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment, specifically FOR the PEOPLE at large regardless of generation, and 100% protected as such.

 NOW, we have alleged patriotic Statesmen passing State laws, seemingly redundant as hell, to insure a Right that already existed for over 200 years.  Does THAT make sense? The real issue in all this as we see it is, that LAWS can be repealed!!! So, just as these States pass such allegedly patriotic "liberty" laws with the full FORCE of their law to ENFORCE them, guess what, under our current system of "precedent" law, which has long over shadowed our original and far more equitable "common law" system, the day these States are made to repeal these previously Constitutionally protected laws, they will at that point forward be inclined to also ENFORCE the new UN-law.

 The long and short of this is; ALL original Constitutional, Lawful Rights must be adhered to in the strictest manner, and EXERCISED as well continually and OPENLY! And regardless of the FEELINGS of the minority, or even the majority.

 So, I might not be so quick to jump up and down for joy when we see these State legislature pro-gun wins. Because the next step you may see in the future may not be so joyful.

And has it occurred to ANYONE at all, that it is more than likely impossible for any other world government to override any of our Constitutional Law of the Land as a whole, which has now been proven to be the case on more than one occasion; but, for them – (The U.N.) or others collectively, given the right circumstances, might easily override any State law?  And where one falls, all of them will fall.

Is it “conspiracy”? Or is it just plain common sense coupled with critical thinking and a healthy distrust for all those presently holding any position in our government.  Stay armed people, because it is the ONLY tool that has been holding back the black tide General Washington spoke of.

Arizona - The Texas Senate passed an open carry bill on Tuesday, 17 March, 2015.  The bill removes restrictions on the open carry of weapons that dates back to reconstruction, when radical Republicans changed the Texas Constitution to disarm former confederates, and which Democrats kept in place to disarm freed slaves and Hispanics.   The bill passed on partisan lines, with 20 Republicans voting for it and 11 Democrats voting against it.  A minimum of 19 votes was required for the bill to make it out of the Senate.  From

The vote was 20-11, right along party lines, for a measure proposed by State Sen. Craig Estes (R-Wichita Falls).

The bill mirrors the current concealed handgun license law, except for two changes.

“We just take the word ‘concealed’ out in every section,” he said. “Also what we are doing is adding a sign that business people can put up, if they are comfortable with concealed carry, but are a little uncomfortable with open carry.”

The measure is far from the victory that Open Carry advocates had expected when the session opened. The bill does not allow the open carrying of long guns, just handguns, requires that anyone carrying weapons openly have a Concealed Handgun Permit, and allows business owners wide latitude in keeping people with openly carried handguns off the premises.

The companion House Bill, HB 910, was considered in a public hearing on the same day, 17 March.  It is pending in committee.  Four of the nine committee members are authors or coauthors, including the committee chairman.   It has 80 authors and coauthors.  The big question is whether it will be allowed a vote on the floor by Speaker of the House Joe Strauss.  From

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