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The Anti-New York Times - Atlanta School Workers Sentenced in Test Score Cheating Case

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Angela Williamson, an elementary teacher, leaving court after being sentenced to seven years.

NY Times: Atlanta School Workers Sentenced in Test Score Cheating Case


The sentences imposed ranged from six months in jail to seven years in prison. The educators were convicted of falsifying test scores.



A story like this one illustrates the hypocrisy and tyranny of modern day America. Federal schemes such as Bush's "No Child Left Behind" and Homo-Obongo's "Common Core" place "testing" above real education and tie funding to "results". Of course, there are bad teachers out there, but the pressure on inner-city educators to miraculously turn dumb kids from dysfunctional broken homes into little Thomas Edisons is as immense as it is unrealistic. If the "parents" are useless, it matters not how good the teacher is. Add in a financial incentive to the mix and you have a recipe for government-induced fraud that a defense lawyer could plausibly condemn as a form of illegal entrapment.




The fundamental problem behind failing inner city schools is that 75% of the kids are born to unmarried, uneducated, uninvolved and mostly teen-aged "baby mommas" on welfare. Test the young scholars all you want; but until the basic family structure and home discipline is restored, these kids will remain educationally disadvantaged.


This does not excuse the manipulation of test scores by educators and administrators; but to throw them in jail for as much as 7 years represents a far greater evil than the rigging of test-scores while under State pressure. The article explains:

"The racketeering charges carried a 20-year maximum sentence, and some defendants were also found guilty of lesser crimes. Prosecutors said the teachers had participated in a wide-ranging conspiracy to artificially inflate students’ standardized test scores and give a false sense that struggling schools were improving, all within a system led by a superintendent, Beverly L. Hall, who demanded that administrators meet ambitious testing targets."


The Superintendent probably should do some jail time. As for the obedient underlings, it would have sufficed to have simply fired them and required a few hundred hours of community service. Apart from the injustice of the severe sentences for "crimes" induced by intense government pressure to "perform", the hypocrisy of the state is absolutely breathtaking. Not a day goes by when Federal or State agencies do not publicly falsify their own "test scores". The unemployment numbers are cooked; the inflation numbers are cooked, the GDP numbers are cooked, NASA temperature readings are cooked, foreign intelligence reports regarding "WMDs" and "Russians in Ukraine" are cooked;vote counts are cooked (by both political parties), the stock market, oil prices and gold prices are rigged, and the Federal Reserve engages in obscene levels of counterfeiting right in front of our collective noses. But that's "OK".

Whereas this test-score rigging, induced by government pressure, harms no one; the consequences of government data-rigging damage lives and kill innocent people. But no one is ever held accountable for those crimes. Instead, the "justice system" opts to throw some low level teachers and admins in prison; while Sulzberger and friends show it off on the front page of America's "paper of record". Yeah, that ought to "send a message" to Boobus Americanus about the evils of rigging data.



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