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Triggers - Hammers - Bullets and Firing Pins - Why They Don't Always Fire

Triggers,Why Your AR May Not Always Fire!

This aint E-mail people, it's B-Mail, and when we Send-it, it absolutely, positively has to leave each and every time!

Trigger Time

We all like to shoot, and whether you are an avid competitor, hunter, part time plinker or Mil & LEO, we all hate when our tools don't work, or worse, don't work periodically which many times makes it so much more difficult to track down the issue. 

Most of us also like to up-grade our weapons, usually in the hopes of making them more reliable and easier to use, however, changing out parts for different aftermarket parts does not always make the weapon more reliable. Actually, as many of you most likely know, many times it has the opposite effect. Looks cooler though! And as all airborne and Leg Infantry soldiers come to know, the first rule of patrolling is, to look cool doing it. Even better when your rifle ALWAYS fires! 

Wimpy Hammer Syndrome

An issue that has plagued many an AR15 & AR10 drivers who changed out their trigger groups for match grade, drop-in units with far lighter pull weights is, that they wont always touch off a round. NOT GOOD! But why? Well, without getting all into the dry geometry and physics of a trigger group here, it suffices to point to Newton's 3rd Law - "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction".... In this case, if you want the lighter trigger, the opposite reaction to the lighter springs required to get that trigger set, is less hammer force. Which means less force applied to the firing pin!

Da Bullets

Herein lies much of the problems leading to misfires. NOT all .223/.556 & .308/7.62 are created equal, even Thomas Jefferson new that. The sizing of cases, the thickness of the metal primer caps, and especially the depth in which the primers are set, all play a part in keeping that firing pin just out of reach for any rifle with a hammer spring lighter than a small truck leaf spring.  We have found that most of this issue can be laid to rest with the use of higher quality commercial ammo; and no, steel cased Wolf does not even make the grading room table. In fact, even the beloved Lake City Green Tip M855 ammo has been known to cause this issue. 

Da Firing Pins

So, how do we mitigate this potential hazard to life and limb? Well, the simplest and cheapest way after spending your hard earned money on up-grade parts would be to begin testing different commercial ammunition's, and do so extensively under various conditions. Yes, I know you don't usually fire your weapon upside down, side-ways, or without oil, but do it anyway! You may "believe" its always firing with the ammo you have after replacing that trigger group, but our guess is you are only testing it in optimal conditions, and someday, god forbid, you may have to rely on it under far less than optimal conditions even with your own ammo brand. Not a good time to find out that all that time previously it was only barely making contact and firing. 

What's the loudest sound in the woods?.............................................CLICK!

Another way to insure maximum Firing pin to Primer contact,, and one that we highly recommend to anyone who has changed out their original trigger group for a high quality drop-in trigger like our new "Rough-Justice 3/0", is to up-grade your firing pin to a much lighter and stronger Titanium firing pin. We will have these available on our website very soon.  NOW as well, not all Titanium is created equal either. You will want to purchase a firing pin produced from Grade-6 Titanium. Grade-6 has a tensile strength of 130 to 150 KSI. Many other titanium firing pins are made from lesser grades and are then heat hardened, and usually coated afterward. What we are trying to make up for here in the loss of hammer spring tension is the 40% reduction in firing pin weight. Less mass for the hammer-strike to slam that pin forward should produce a solid primer contact every time. With our new titanium firing pin products, we will also be offering one for the AR15 which is a couple of Thousandths’ longer that the OEM length to better insure primer contact regardless of ammunition type used.                                      


Another trigger option coming from MechArmor Defense soon will be our new specially weighted titanium hammer in our new Rough-Justice 3/0+ drop-in trigger group. 

Also keep watching our website and facebook pages for our up-coming package deals on Triggers, Firing Pins and TacOps Charging handles for the AR15/M4 and AR10 rifles. 

Rough-Justice 3/0 on Sale Now!                                                                             TacOps -  The Professionals Choice! 





 Triggers - Hammers - Bullets and Firing Pins - Why They Don't Always Fire





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