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Google's Advertising is Rabid Anti-Gun!

U.N - The Anti-Free-Man Slave Makers!

And Google Leads their Way to a New Age


Believe it when we tell you, most people who have either fought in Combat, or been touched by it in their country, do NOT want to return to it given another choice, and they tend not to be or remain naturally violent people after the fact.

The facts on the ground concerning gun violence in America, vs. the same level of violent crime incidents perpetrated with "other" weapons and implements of destruction, that have long been verified by many "actual" experts, unlike that of the unfounded rhetoric from the established anti-freedom Stazi types who have long devised and worked towards controlling the worlds governments to their bleak, freedom less ends, to weigh heavily on the side of 99+% being perpetrated on the public by other means, and NOT by guns!  Which is exactly why the anti-freedom people and or their organization heads and corporate sycophants refuse to publicly debate the "actual" experts on this issue. 

In comes the Super-Anti-Gun Rights arm of Google Advertising:

Our company, as all gun related companies and or organizations who also sell or link to companies who sell guns or gun related parts or pieces in any way, shape, or form, are totally banned from advertising with Googles Ad dept! This horrifically Anti-American stance is both unwarranted and indefensible by any legal excuse possible, since many other advertising agencies, organizations and companies have been allowing any and all types of gun industry related companies and organizations advertise without having any legal issues for doing so. They have and continue to have however, great profits generated for their own companies from our Sporting industry by doing so for generations now.


Functional devices that appear to discharge a projectile at high velocity, whether for sport, self-defense, or combat
(Note that we err on the side of caution and apply this policy to sporting or recreational guns that can cause serious harm if misused, or that appear to be real guns.)

  • Examples: Handguns, rifles, shotguns, hunting guns, functioning antique guns, airsoft guns, paintball guns, bb guns

  •  Any part or component that's necessary to the function of a gun or intended for attachment to a gun
  • Examples: Gun scopes, ammunition, ammunition clips or belts

    So then, let us just call the Google horse what it is, an anti-American culture, Anti-Freedom, and obviously by default Pro-Slavery and oppression, gun shy horse.  And as all good oppressive Libtards always tend to be, Google finds no problem with collecting the billions of $$$ it must receive by other means generated from our gun sporting industries large presence on their search engines.  Of course Google is not the only company to begin closing out the gun industry. Certain E-Commerce companies have done the same. If you own a gun sales and gun parts sales company who sells off their website, and having trouble with your E-commerce provider in this area, or expect to have, and you all should, our friends at McMillan Arms - McMillan Merchant Solutions - is the place we should start moving our business to. 

    In the end, for me and our house here, we say. PISS ON Google and the growing list of anti-American, Anti-Freedom traitors to our long established culture. A culture by the way that plucked most of the rest of the world from the clutches of these hell loving, flesh eating, carrion scum bags more than once already.  Let world history be the judge and not only anti-left wing rhetoric; and that history proves over and again that unarmed peoples get slaughtered by their own governing bodies more than by any other means.  The only difference today is, the governing bodies are in collusion with the corporations to aid their overt efforts to mitigate the propagation of this industry, disarm and eventually subjugate. 

    Here is a good link to other Google AdWords and AdSense TYPE companies who do not appear to be anti-gun industry yet: The Top Ten Alternatives to Google AdSense/Words!

    In the mean time - ARM UP and UP-GRADE your weapons Here!

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