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The American Oligarchy has No Clothes - USA Run by Corporate Dictators!

The Corporate Oligarchy

Nothing new under the sun! 

By A. Nachman D.O

I decided to rant on this subject a bit after receiving an article from my friends at MechArmor. The article mentions two professors at Princeton and Northwestern University's who agree that the USA has become of full fledged Oligarchy.  Their article excerpts and link can be found at the end of this article. 

It has been four thousand years that we know of, and the only constant remains, SSDD! It nearly impossible for most people to grasp, much less believe that there has been an ongoing, relentless system of human control and destruction driven by the highly evil, narcissistic sociopath few, which continues unabated thus far to this very day. Most people, especially American's, being historically challenged to be polite, and historically, religiously illiterate to the truth that most honest scholars, both Jew and gentile have long known; that those in control of all the false "narratives" have been lying to us all, and for very bad reasons. The bottom line that I now believe even the least jaded of us will agree, is that it has always been about the control and domination of the people, regardless of language, culture or religious affiliation.  So, here we are again! Another great civilization on the very brink of being extinguished; but this time, unlike most civilizations before us, it will have been out of PURE apathy. Everyone under the age of 40 is about to pay very dearly for the apathy and slothfulness of the few generations before them, possibly with their lives!  But why? 

The short answer:

It appears that due to Lincoln’s movement towards appeasing his Euro-trash banker handlers concerning this old Revolutionary war debt, the Congress in 1861 walked out and gave absolutely no date for their return. This is called Sine die, which means (without a day). 

This event, on this date of March 27th 1861, the “lawful” Constitutional Congress disappeared, ostensibly dissolving the original Republic, and absolutely dissolving the office of the President. Congress did not reconvene until it was re-convened under military authority of the Commander-in-Chief on the foundation of the NEW, Corporate entity, and by its NEW corporate charter "called" the constitution. 

Lincoln was no longer the President of this country, although even knowing this, Lincoln continued “acting” as President and Commander in Chief illegally and without any real lawful Constitutional authority. Now Lincoln had some real issues. He has no Congress to make laws through, thus, he has no way to renegotiate the old war debt note!  One month later on April 15th 1861, Lincoln, still pretending to be president, issues Executive Order 1, which established martial rule over all Federal territories.

After that in 1863 Lincoln orders the development and establishes the (Lieber Code) in order to advance and entrench this new system of military rule. Written by German-Jewish Legal adviser to President Lincoln Franz Lieber, LL.D 

Just the same tactic was used by the Lincoln conspirators. Of course obviously by 1863 far too many people in America, even worldwide already well knew the content of our organic Constitution, thus there is no way they could have, as much as I am certain they would have liked to, revised a completely new document without being immediately hunted and burned alive, as they well should have been. So, they cleverly, as they have always done through history, continued on with most of the original documents content, but with additions as they continued. It appears these additions, as well as the institution of this Lieber Code to enforce a military rule over all people in all States, even during perceived peace time, will eventually give them the color of legality needed to once and for all bring this country under total military rule. When we see how the original organic Constitution Article 6: said “This Constitution”, we know it was NOT a living document and changeable, as the wording sets the document in time & space exactly where it was, no more changeable than the original Instructions from God were. However this is not how it is expressed within the new corporate charter constitution, thus making “that” constitution a living document with the ability to change, and change it they soon will!

The Short Version of this History:

The original organic Constitution reads – “The debts under the confederacy are continued under THIS constitution.”  “This” Constitution? Yes! By this wording we know that our great framers also made our Constitution a guarantee of debt to the Crown. From all that I have been able to discern, this all stems from war time international banking debt, vs. their need to continue trade relations with both England, France and Germany and around the world after the war.  It was quite simple for King George; ‘you broke away, yes! However, I still have the greatest Navy in the world, and they control the gates of every country you may wish to trade with.’ So, basically even after we won the war on the land, our framers new government did not possess the ability to sustain that which they now controlled without sailing away from our shores to do so. Therefore, England technically won that war by both disabling us from any meaningful sea travel or trade, and by that, forcing the framers by debt. Guarantee to relinquish all Colonial American Rights of outright land ownership to the bank of England until said debt was paid. This was very crafty maneuvering on the part of the English who knew full well the debt would never be paid, thereby allowing them by Right of international law to foreclose on the land collateral, which of course was the point in the first place. Do not believe for one second that the English Levitical monarchy did not have this exact plan in place long prior to that wars end.

Yes I said Levitical monarchy! The English monarchy has always openly believed and even published the fact that they fully believe they are the direct descendants of the Judahite, King David! Oh, you didn’t know that? Well now you do, and therein lies the connection to the same sect of false Hebrews who took control of the entire original Hebrew writings, kept all of the original wording, added in what they needed to facilitate their agenda for world domination through the appearance of assimilation, and internal manipulation of the most powerful world governments, as civilizations progressed. For further great detail on these facts and so many more hidden from Christianity and the rest of the world, I seriously suggest you find and read this book by a scholar known to me - (The Asher Codex: 2013, Amazon books)

Upon the original colonization of America, the British, and possibly the German and other international banking institutions, were all too happy to lend money to the ongoing colonization efforts. As well, certainly Britain spent loads of money above and beyond any loans by the cost of transporting their troops, as well as the ongoing cost of maintaining said troops overseas, etc.

All of us know the rest of that story. We broke away from the monarchy, we accrued further international debt to France for their aid which was expected, although our public school history tends to be a bit shy on these details, and upon winning our independence we began life as massive debtors to both England and France and who knows who else. Thereby we have the odd and seemingly out of place wording within our original organic Constitution which states - “The debts under the confederacy are continued under THIS constitution.” Thus, the constitution is ALSO an agreement of debt!   So, now you need to do some research to find out where this all eventually escalated to in order to find out WHO literally became the “collateral” for all this ongoing debt, AFTER all the land was eventually collateralized! Let me give you a hint – That number on your birth certificate, is quite literally and verifiably a class “A” stock number, used to collateralize chattel.

International Bank Note of Debt:

With little research past your public school education and one will find that all international bank debt notes to this very day come due after 70 years! Amazingly, what we then find is that by the time Lincoln took office our notes were slightly overdue, and behold, America did not have the money to pay them. Lincoln was being worked hard by his handlers to make good on payment, which of course the international bankers knew he could not. Therefore, knowing the man was weak, they pushed him hard to finally relinquish the legal collateral of the original thirteen colonial States, just as China and other countries will soon be doing to which ever weak and pathetic president sits as CEO over the office of “THE UNITED STATES” Corporation when that day comes again!  Thus, most of what everyone has been taught is a grand delusion, and we as individual people have now all been turned into commercialized debt collateral within their diabolical system of debt slavery. It is my intuition, as it is for many others I assume, that all American’s will very soon be foreclosed on by those who held Lincoln’s revised 70 year note, which came due again and was foreclosed on in 1933 after they orchestrated the crash of 1929, thereby forcing “their” illegal corporate entity into bankruptcy.  And if anyone knows anything about their bankruptcy laws, you know that once one enters into bankruptcy, that an official master is appointed over you personally, and all you own. By their legal definitions, you are no longer allowed to be responsible for your own life and actions, and thereby technically even further a ward of the State corporate entity.

Weak and Willing to Negotiate:

With nothing less than all public lands within the original Thirteen Colonies and the Louisiana Purchase to be legally returned to the Europeans, certainly Lincoln was under severe pressure, especially after the lawful Congress walked off the job believing this would end his march and ability to give away the country! Mind you, he may have been under great pressures over having to make a move on all this, but do not believe for a moment he was worried about anything else than his own legacy! He was certainly not worried about you or your posterity. Posterity who will soon become slaves to those same international banker families of the usurping Babylonian dynasty.

As stated, the original 1787 seventy year bank note was a bit overdue by 1861, whereby the weak and failing Lincoln was forced to ask for a renegotiation of all loans, to which the international banksters were all too happy to oblige. It was all very simple, the European banksters wanted new and much better terms, they required allot of up-front cash/gold, and most importantly, they required many more public lands as additional collateral on this new 70 year note! Hmmmm…… Can anyone guess just where all that new public land would be coming from? Hint! Not the West Coast!

No Backbone, Only Barter!

Oh President Jackson! Where were thou when our beloved America needed you to stand in the breech against the organized-crime Bankster families once again?  No, we get stuck with the same sort of spineless traitor that we appear to be experiencing ever since. Instead of standing against the banking cults for America, and our posterity as other great men before him did. Rather Lincoln decided it better to start a war that killed off more of the best bloodlines America had to offer this sick and dying world, than all of the wars since then. At that point in 1861, because of the great amount of interest inflating the original loan, more public lands were required to appease this ancient cultic sect of banking cartel henchmen, and Lincoln goes right along.

 That is until all the Southern States read the new bank note terms, said, ‘thanks but no thanks’ in their most cordial Southern way, and seceded! It appears this is about to occur yet again soon.

Contrary to all modern left-wing fascist opinion, all of those Southern States, or any other States at that time, were totally within their “original” legal Constitutional Rights to secede from the Union! Even further in my opinion, since the several States unification was wholly based on the existence of our original Constitutions lawful validity, and technically annulled by that time due to the loss of the lawful Congress, it would seem that all the individual “Republics” would then have the lawful and God given authority to revert back to self-rule, with the complete sovereignty of any legitimate State or Country. Thus, reverting to the use of their lawful State Constitutions.

Thus, most of what everyone has been taught is a grand delusion, and we as individual people have now all been turned into commercialized debt collateral within their diabolical system of debt slavery. It is my intuition, as it is for many others I assume, that all American’s will very soon be foreclosed on by those who hold America's revised 70 year note.

United States Corporation:

Too many American’s are still unaware of such a devastating reality, that the new illegally formed government was quickly commercialized as a legal corporate entity. In 1871 they created the corporation called – THE UNITED STATES INC. This is why you have always seen this entities name written in all capital letters!  Just as you will see all commercial corporate entity names always depicted in all capital letters. Just as you have seen every commercial or government document mostly depicted in all capital letters. Just as you have always seen your NAME also depicted on every document you have in all capital letters; and just as someday your own headstone will also depict the death of your corpus/corporation in all capital letters! Why? Because within their legal parlance, depicting all names this way is known as a (Legal Fiction). I cannot get into this topic here, as it is an amazingly detailed understanding. I will just tell you that any individuals name rendered in all caps, is in fact NOT that individual, but “another” fictional entity that they use in lieu of the Real Living individual man or woman of God. These are “Legal”, NOT “Lawful” depictions of each human/chattel for use within their corporate system as the collateral on accruing debts!  The Legal Fiction is actually your corporate entity, which is also known by their system as a (Dead Entity); exactly why we generally find our names in all caps on our head stones. It is all very real and much buried. I would highly suggest you begin immersing yourself in all of this.

The new U.S Corporation entity required a legal corporate charter as they all do, this was and remains their revised 2nd constitution! All States are also Corporations, and have their own corporate charters AKA, constitutions. As well, by now most all municipalities are also incorporated.

 Prior to all this in 1870, and because their new emerging system of illegal, non-American, government required, legal participants called – (voters), to elect the corporate hierarchy, they passed the 15th Amendment. If memory serves, the 15th Amendment turned the original Constitutional RIGHT to vote, into a privilege. What most people do not understand to this day is, that a Right cannot be removed, as it was given by God who sits at the top of all hierarchies, with His created men and women “Living-Souls” directly under Him. However, again via our CONSENT, we give up that Right, thus allowing them to GIVE us a privilege like a child asking for ice-cream, and we all know that a “privilege” can be taken away! This “privilege” is acquired through our CONSENT to join their corporation further by the 15th amendment forcing voters to register.

 To further encapsulate all non-vigilant American’s, they illegally established an entirely new legal system based on the Crown’s Maritime Admiralty Law, allowing us, via marketing efforts through Public schools and cultural changes as the Babylonian cult has always done, made us forget about our never ending system of “Common Law.” This new Maritime system was accomplished by establishing the “Department of Justice” in 1870. Why was this new system of law and department required for them to institute their new illegal form of governance? Because remember, when the “lawful” Congress disassembled in 1861 in order to stop the then legal President Lincoln from both giving the lands back to the Crown, and or renegotiating that alleged loan for far worse terms and more land collateral; the original Article 3 Judiciary was also dissolved! Thus, the new corporate controlled Department of Justice was set above all US-CODE law, and the President/CEO of that corporation is the head of the DOJ. Thereby making the President/CEO the highest law enforcement officer in the land. Moreover, this quite literally established the office of the President/CEO as a dictatorship in the truest form of the word! YOU BELIEVE we have the same freedoms rooted in the “original” Constitution because THEY have continued the facade of Constitutional Republic viability. It’s all been nothing more than the shuffling of cups and beans. Our original, organic constitution, even with its flaw of being a partial debt instrument, has been long, long gone. And THAT is why all of their “Rights” encroachments which never seem to subside, but always increase in number and speed upon American’s and the rest of the world, can, have, and will continue to expand into a full blown military rule. Because of the subtlety of the snake, or more accurately, the Serpent People behind all this from thousands of years ago!

Where is this all going? It appears obvious that their amended constitution, with the addition of the Lieber Code of military takeover and rule, along with the innumerable illegally written and utilized Executive orders; will all provide them the required ‘color’ of law needed to institute the takeover of all human ‘collateral’, and thereby conquer yet another Great Nation in their long line of conquests. 

The US is dominated by a rich and powerful elite.

So concludes a recent study by Princeton University Prof Martin Gilens and Northwestern University Prof Benjamin I. Page.

The two professors have conducted exhaustive research to try to present data-driven support for this conclusion. Here's how they explain it:

Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organised groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence. - Read more!

In English: the wealthy few move policy, while the average American has little power.

Eric Zuess, writing in Counterpunch, isn't surprised by the survey's results.

"American democracy is a sham, no matter how much it's pumped by the oligarchs who run the country (and who control the nation's "news" media)," he writes. "The US, in other words, is basically similar to Russia or most other dubious 'electoral' 'democratic' countries. We weren't formerly, but we clearly are now."

As for that nasty "Lieber Code - 100", most will tell you it was ONLY an instrument designed to regulate the Northern troops in the ways of that war, and for that time only. This is a complete misunderstanding and or out right lie. This lie can be proven by the fact that the Lieber Code has been used as the foundation source for many other treaties after the 1800's and well into our modern era; such as the Hague treaty, the Geneva Convention treaty, and others. Upon reading the Lieber Code one can become quickly sidetracked by many portions which appear benign. However, one has to remember all of this is written in what is now understood to be "legalese" which is for all intents and purposes another language altogether, and one that few of us understand in the least. A new language where the seemingly simple English words that we know and understand, have completely different and usually opposite meanings. When the rubber meets the road on this law code, the bottom line remains the same, the code positions the entire nation under Martial rule into perpetuity. Albeit, it has been "soft" martial rule for most of our time since then, that can and will change in a moments notice given the right event. 


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