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Florida Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson w/ Forced Vaccine Program

Frederica S. Wilson, Congresswoman and Demon-Crat of Florida pushing  H.R.2232!



REQUIREMENT.—For a State or a political subdivision or other public entity of a State to be eligible to receive a grant under this section, the applicant shall demonstrate to the Secretary’s satisfaction that, subject to paragraphs (2) and (3), the State requires each student enrolled in one of the State’s public elementary schools or public secondary schools to be vaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. 

By Robert Farber

Well, batter-Up people! We just watched the totally disarmed civilian population of Australia get told that they will all have to consent to their new [Forced vaccinations] ruling, and now its starting here as well!

Even with a little research into many of the more standard vaccines, a person will find how totally polluted they have been historically, with everything from monkey virus to aids and all manner of shit in between. I remember about 12 yrs ago reading an article showing how after extensive stockpile testing, that the Tetanus vaccine was THE MOST poison polluted vaccine of them all. Now I ask, since Tetanus has historically been the MOST used vaccine in our history, is it accidental that it turned out to be the most polluted? Hmmmm... Must be yet another coincidence in a long line of generational coincidences. 

This bill requires students attending public schools to receive the entire CDC recommended vaccine schedule, (see chart below) which is nearly 100 vaccines at this time, and scheduled to grow far larger in the very near future. State non-compliance means the State's will no longer be eligible to receive federal education grants.  Needles to say this is thankfully pissing off allot of community's, as well is should, since now many of these vaccines have been directly linked to the unprecedented growth of Autism since the 1970's, although the CDC and drug companies have of course been working diligently to dis-inform the public to those verified facts!  

Cats out of the bad scumbags! Your GMO foods are poison to all animals and humans, which is why the rest of the THINKING world has now banned them and Monsanto from using or importing our GMO foods there. Not to mention how several heads of State to include China and Russia have all been less and less politely asking our alleged presidents, starting back at the beginning of Bush's reign, to stop the use of all GMO related seed products within the USA immediately because they are still spreading into their countries and causing issues with their crops, as well as killing off the worlds much needed Bee populations.

YES! GMO was engineered for the most part to literally dissolve insect digestion tracks and kill them. GUESS WHAT GENIUS Monsanto experts - BEE'S ARE BUGS YOU MORONS!  No Bee's, no pollination! Now, I am not a agricultural expert by any means, but i do remember my high school science, and if memory serves, we EAT because of those little buggers! No pun intended. 

Eating = GOOD!  Not eating = BAD!

Of course the illustrious leaders of our AmeriKan Oligarchy have turned a deaf ear to these major powers on this issue; which I have said before can easily be the reason for WW3! There are allot of bad politics that one country can foist upon another and get away with the bull shit continually, but mess with a nations ability to feed itself?  And then see what happens next.  THIS is the narcissistic, sociopath mentality we are now dealing with throughout this Nations entire sphere of Oligarch politics. 

Make no bones about it, and stick all the conspiracy theory crap where it belongs, because the many verification's that the fan blades have shit on them are now legion! Many of those alleged conspiracies have now become the fact of our new reality. Here is a simple, quick and dirty check list for you:

  1. They have TAKEN all the guns from civilian hands worldwide save a few places
  2. They have been working ferociously, especially in the last ten years to take ours
  3. Can't take the guns yet by legalese? Start trying to remove the bullets! 
  4. Full swing Police-State crushing free speech everywhere more and more
  5. New Health-care Act removing all choice even if you truly can't afford it
  6. Health-car Act to remove our choice for inoculations, and care in general
  7. Where Health-care Act is not able to force children, a new law will
  8. Farmers being litigated out of existence by Monsanto for false seed Patent infringement
  9. Highly poisonous GMO food is being forced on us without notice or consent
  10. Monsanto colludes with Congress to pass laws that prohibit any litigation against them! As did the drug companies!  Are you seeing a pattern here? 

The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice had this to say among other things:

The Problem:  Parents are leaving the vaccine program because of lack of trust.
LD 471 and LD 606 make things worse.

The Solution:  Stop blaming the public for leaving a broken program.
Enact LD 1076, The Maine Vaccine Consumer Protection Act, to start fixing the program.

After trying and failing this year in more than thirty state legislatures to parlay a mild measles outbreak into a massive power and cash grab, the pharmaceutical industry will now simply bypass the states and go straight to Congress to force more Americans to become their customers.

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  My Personal Vaccine Solution is, they take our shot first, then I will take their shot!

What is a State to do you Ask?





And you can begin doing that or add to what you have right here with us!




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