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New York Toy Guns Outlawed by Extremist Left

Toy Guns now Illegal! Over Reaction or More Tyranny?


Just when you thought the lefty crazies might have been taking some time off for summer vacation. 

We tend to think that this issue of people deliberately pointing air-soft and BB guns at our police, some of which are obviously shell-shocked, falls directly under the Darwin laws. If they are that vacant of common sense, and lack so much in the ability to make socially correct decisions like - 'not to point fake guns at guys who have real guns' -  then certainly everyone is better off without them. Additionally, one can only hope it happens before they are allowed to breed more of the same kind of stupid. 

Appearing Monday on the “Today” showy, Schneiderman said those shootings are “unacceptable,” and he held up a neon-colored toy rifle as an example of the kind of toy gun the retailers will now be restricted to selling. “No one is going to hand over their wallet because they’re being held up by this and no police officer is ever going to mistake this for a real gun and shoot someone in a tragic incident,” he said. 

At the risk of always appearing to be the only person in the room who can see the obvious holes in their case; what then happens when the savvy violent criminal types figure out that they can just paint their pistols, M4's and AK47's  John Deer green with a caution-orange muzzle brake?  I guess then the next logical Marxist step would be to outlaw all brightly colored toy guns, and then make it illegal to paint any weapons with bright colors. Of course then they would also need a "banned color list."

Moreover, it would probably be prudent to make a new law that prohibits anyone from having any paint or coloring material in proximity with any guns. And yet another law to make certain that any lawfully armed interior decorators and painters of any kind who felt they had possess both coloring materials and guns in close proximity; that both the guns and said materials would have to be locked away in separate containers. 

So you see, no matter what, it continues to spiral out of control into the land of Oz when we blame the material objects over the deranged person, which are very few in number compared to the rest of us. So then, what is the answer once and for all?

I say we all willingly give up all guns of all types and calibers, including all toys and wall hanging facsimiles, melt them all down and put the alloys to better use; it worked for Australia and the UK didn't it?  BUT, when I say all, I mean ALL of us, which includes every single Army and Protective service of any kind on any level. To back this up we will also require a new law with exceedingly sharp teeth that will pertain to everyone, even to the heads of State. Simply, if ever caught in possession of anything even remotely resembling a working firearm, to include home made Zip-guns which do not look like traditional guns at all, as well as Scuba-Diving tools such as Bang-Sticks, said person will be immediately removed from society and dropped without provision on some uninhabited South Pacific Island designated for such infractions, for the remainder of their natural life. 

Thus, unless we are all going to return to the use of swords only, which I am totally 100% in favor of, then maybe we just need to apply some simple logic to all this and start truly making the illegal offender responsible for their actions, rather than outlawing all the knives and forks because the kids won't stop running with them from time to time. Because when its all said and done the facts remain that more people, especially kids, get injured or killed each year by all manner of benign daily-use objects like 5 gal buckets, bicycles, skateboards, drunk or stupid parents in cars, pools, lawn mowers, etc., etc., etc. 

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