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Chinese Port Accident or Attack?

Do Chemical Explosions Leave Defined Craters?

Not a standard aerial bomb crater, looks far more defined than that!

So, that is some really bad luck. China has a stack market melt down, devalues their money, and then to turn a really bad situation into one that can possibly cripple them, someone drops a cigarette in the wrong spot while smoking on top of a shipping container full of high-explosives and what happens next gives the CERN Super-collider program a run for its money.  At first glance watching this on the mainstream news we all thought, yup, that's Chinese safety regs in action. However, upon a closer inspection of the effected area, another possibility with very high probability seems to rear its Kinetic head. And although anyone might find its timing to their market crash a bit suspect, the hole in the middle tends to get the inquiring minds who know what they're looking at, the rest of the way there. Quite possibly many of the alternative media people may be correct on this one by saying it was an attack by certain cartels, corporate entities that the US govt tends to work with.  Although I also believe many of them are also totally incorrect in saying that Israel did this, as I will depict below. 

In all of the video's it is a bit difficult to see what was going on initially. It looks like there may have been either a large fire or initial, smaller blast. 

This is the company being blamed for the alleged accident - RuiHai International Logistics, problem is this company doesn't seem to exist. So the Chinese government may be trying to keep a lid on the actual initiator of this event. If we did do this, and shortly it will become apparent why I think either we or another superpower did this, then whoever did it, or whoever the Chinese believe did it, should be slammed with mass hacking attacks soon, or worse. Lets hope it's not the "worse" option. 

As you may have already seen, much of the Alt-media is blaming the Zionist Israeli govt on this one, but this article here, as well as others I have read on this subject of a Chinese/Israel partnership goes against that idea. -

Veterans Today - Zionists Attack China Article Link Here:

This footage is from approx 2 miles away: Quite interesting how in a lot of the videos of the Tianjin explosion you can hear the actual shock wave transmitted through the earth (at the 0:19 in the video below), followed by the shock wave transmitted through the air (@0:25). That would put the speed of transmission through air at ~320 m/s and through earth at ~1,290 m/s or about 4 times the speed of sound.

     This one really shows it from about 5 miles away: 

Another angle at ground level, wow:

Now, Look at the roofs of all the cars in this picture. Crushed from a downward shock-wave:

 Another after blast pic - More like a Fuel-Air-bomb, or a blast that caused other materials to act as one:


The media has been focusing on sodium cyanide and calcium carbide. The former is not explosive and it seems unlikely that CaC2 could rapidly release enough acetylene to generate a fuel-air explosion of that magnitude. The company was storing and transporting NaCN, which is used for gold mining, thus one can speculate that they were also storing ammonia nitrate, which is the oxidizing component of the common mining explosive ANFO. This was the cause of the Texas City explosion of 1947.

NOW - Look at this crater! - ​There is a really large crater in the middle of the impacted area. The soil is standard brown (not burned) and the ground is fractured. Everything is pulverized around the crater for a few hundred meters. To my knowledge such chemical explosions blow outward more than up, and certainly not downward to create such defined craters.

In this drone flyover video below we really only see the typical burn damage patterns that one might expect from chemicals exploding at a distance, But not in the proximity of the crater. At about 2:00 in this clip you can see the crater clearly, and then the rest of the blast radius. The crater is in the center. The initial blast does NOT look like a chemical explosion epicenter, only the secondary blast looks chemically induced.

I might even go out on a limb here and say that this looks like a hyper-velocity kinetic energy weapon hit. We may very well be seeing the infamous space based "rod from God" in action - Project Thor! No explosives necessary as a Mach 10 heavy metal rod impact is sufficient. Very hard to trace as well, other than the highly specific and defined crater. 

Although this History channel Rod of God weapon video documentary below tends to present this weapons feasibility off in the far future, there have been others showing actual tests from low earth orbit satellites. So the weapon already exists. 

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