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NRA Sues for Seattle's Gun Violence Tax

The Lefts' Socialists Have a New Idea!

What about a knife or hammer violence tax? 

If one does a little research for violent crime statistics in this country, they could easily find the stats clearly show us that far more violent crimes are committed using implements other than guns! If memory serves blunt force trauma usually leads the way.  So, here we have yet again another depiction of the thoroughly abnormal brain function in those of this commy clan. Or maybe their brains are working perfectly fine, and they actually have a far deeper and more sinister agenda to eventually disarm the population so that they have complete control and unfettered access to us for regulated extermination. Wow, that sounds very conspiratorial. However, it is always better to recall history and err on the safe side, and NOT become the new Jews! 

SEATTLE - Three gun rights groups, including the National Rifle Association, sued the city of Seattle on Monday over its adoption of a so-called "gun violence tax," a tax on firearms and ammunition designed to help offset the financial toll of gun violence.

The complaint was filed Monday in King County Superior Court by the NRA, the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, along with two gun owners and two gun shops. It called the tax legally unenforceable because Washington state prohibits local governments from adopting laws related to firearms unless those local ordinances are specifically authorized by the state.

"The ordinance serves only as a piece of propaganda, because the ordinance's mandates are legally unenforceable," the lawsuit said. "The state of Washington has the exclusive right to regulate the sale of firearms in Washington, and cities may not enact local laws or regulations related to the sale of firearms."

The Seattle City Council unanimously approved the tax this month, along with a companion measure requiring gun owners to file reports if their weapons are stolen or lost. The lawsuit does not challenge the reporting requirements.

City Attorney Pete Holmes has argued that the gun-violence tax falls squarely under Seattle's taxing authority, and City Council President Tim Burgess, who proposed the measure, echoed that Monday. He said the state Supreme Court has never interpreted whether the state's general pre-emption of local firearms ordinances includes taxing gun or ammunition sales.

"The NRA does this all across the country whenever they feel that anyone is trying to regulate firearms, and that's not what we're doing here," Burgess said. "We're using the city's taxing authority, which is granted to us by the Washington Constitution and the Legislature."

WAIT!  Did you catch that? "The Washington Constitution"??? 

If you never read our blog article "The End of the USA" by Stephen Pidgeon,  Or these other two articles on the 1871 Corporate Constitution, then you need to! The reason why they have been allowed to get this far, is because too much of this factual, historical information has not been known to our population in general. 

"The True Corporate Constitution of America" 

"The Corporate Oligarchy" 

Read more of  NRA sues over Seattle's adoption of "gun violence tax" HERE!

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