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Donald Trump Continues to Foil the Media Rejects

Great Interview; Yet Another Media-Drone Falls to the Delta-Tang Logic Bomb! 

Don't ask "The Donald" about harsher gun controls unless you want to look like a total illogical 3rd grade level ass to the entire world! 

Contributing writer:

Jesse Carson D.O

U.S Marine Corp Ret.

No, we cannot believe what we are seeing either, nor do we know if it can last, since we dam well know that the establishment control-narrative fabricators have already long groomed the next Bush monkey for President, but it is entertaining and even inspiring to watch in the mean time.

However, has anyone even considered that this may be Delta-Tango's real plan; to just spend enough time hogging the camera's, unabashedly espousing all the core issues that he knows most thinking American's want dealt with. Employing plain speech and logic to utterly and obviously present what could and should be found, and expected from a real American President.  Could it be, his real plan is to present this figure of a highly accomplished "logic super-hero", protracted for as long as possible, as the best picture of hope anyone in the U.S has seen or heard of in decades?  Maybe D-T is actually working a secret plan to incrementally dial up the contrast to maximum in order to blatantly show all the news captured Americans and the world, in glaring contrast, what should be, compared to what actually has been, and will continue to be this fungus over-growth if left unattended.

Right now as all American's are watching, and although that contrast dial is being slowly twisted to the right, the maximum exposure of the enemy infiltrators will not be laid bare fully until D-T eventually steps away. When he does, the flagrant difference and truth between what should be and what these parasites plan to foist on all good American's yet again, will be thoroughly conspicuous. And only then will even the most sleepy American's be awoken to our reality; that we have an occupied government! This reality will be proven when regardless of D-T 's awesome and growing popularity numbers, the true parasitic conspirators will concoct a way to capture the Donald's attention by some way of deception, and move him aside to present their only allowable party candidate choices. 

On that day all will know they are captured!

So the new question might be, is Delta-Tango setting them up for a final populace take-down? We cannot forget, Delta-Tango is one of the shrewdest humans on the planet, he is NOT a politico, he is not playing their game, and they do not know what to do with him right now. However, that will change. In time they may launch some fraudulent, frivolous investigation on D-T and force him to choose between his aspirations to be President, or to keep his rather impressive empire in tact. That is how these vampires work!  However, we cannot rule out that this move against D-T has not been anticipated by D-T, and specifically figured into his reveal plan.  It would seem by this scenario, whether D-T and his team premeditated the outcome or not, that his running against them all may actually have the same effect, regardless. 

Let's face it, we were infiltrated and over run a long time ago, and our parents and grandparents, if you are 55 or younger, along with most of us now, have allowed them to live and flourish like the flesh eating fungus they are. The fungal growth known as Hillary, the main conspirator of Benghazi, among many other events, is their main pick for the Demon-cratic ticket, while dimwitted Jeb B will be the other. The two choices of who we will be "allowed" to vote for have been chosen, groomed and presented; most just don't know it yet. 

In the mean time, whether they fully knew it was coming or not, they are allowing D-T to take center stage to out whit all their half baked, half whits for a time; but mark my words, that to shall end. 

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