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If Gays Can Marry, We Can Carry!

SCOTUS Nullifies all Gun Control Laws!

By legalizing Gay Marriage, the Supreme Court just nullified virtually all gun laws! 

Contributing researcher and writer:
James Spencer

Are we all paying attention now? 

By citing "Equal Protection" for and about all Constitutional law in this case, it MUST now be applied to ALL things across the board without any exception whatsoever!

The courts cannot now save themselves and say that "this" issue is special or isolated, no chance! Lawfully, the Constitutional Rights of American's are not about the Rights one person or group cares about. It is and has to be equal just as SCOTUS reasoned correctly for this issue, and must be applied that way for all Rights regardless of personal or political wants or reasoning! 

Our question is, were they thinking about the sweeping after effects of their decision prior to making it, or where they extreme socialists caught up in the fervor of advancing their paradigm, and temporarily blinded by an agenda they lust for? Either way, the flood gates of reversal are now open and need to be exploited Nation wide within all State legislatures with extreme zeal, and blinding speed! 

As explained again by Bob Owens in another article on

...[I]f there is any intellectual and logical consistency in the Supreme Court's arguments at all, the 'due process' argument must be applied as equally to state and local gun laws, sweeping them aside entirely, and reaffirming the clear command in the Second Amendment that, 'A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.'

All, state and local on concealed and open carry would seem to be invalidated, and citizens should be allowed to carry firearms, either openly or concealed, anywhere they want to go.

When it comes to gun laws and the CCP - Concealed Carry Permitting, our friend Jack who is former SF and a lawyer, had this astute comment:

Amazingly, so few for so long have not even thought about the fact that the CCP as it is applied in all States, is and always has been 100% in your face UN-Constitutional. It would have been one thing to sell the CCP idea as a need for carrying your hand gun into other States, but not enforceable in our home State, however that doesn't even wash Constitutionally, as the Constitution has no specific wording which limits the possession and carry of any firearms, either by location or clothing style, but we continue to allow these ever expanding and ridiculous infringements under the guise of "good sense".  You know what I think good sense is?  Not having such an absolute lack of sense and wisdom to believe you are smarter than our framers! Lets build on that premise and see where it takes us! 

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