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Hillary Gives Aid & Comfort to our Enemies

Hillary Apprehended by Tactical Teams Today !

Is how the headlines should read!

Remember Benghazi! - Must Remain our Rallying Cry!

Hillary did have two major accomplishments.  She accomplished getting four Americans killed in Benghazi and she accomplished being the highest ranking federal official to ever compromise Top Secret information on a daily basis for years at a time.  As Secretary of State, Hillary ordered the illegal e-mail server to be set up.  When asked why, she told us that she was incapable of using two e-mail addresses or two devices to separate her private and official communications.  It only took a few minutes before that lie was exposed with footage of her using two devices.

Hillary is running around campaigning with Huma Abedin, whose entire family including her mother is part of the Muslim Brotherhood.  We now that Hillary has zero regard for national security.  Are we supposed to believe that with all of the Top Secret information she was sending and receiving through an unsecured, private e-mail server that she never CC’d her Muslim Brotherhood “companion” Huma?  Hillary can’t blame simple negligence when she is sleeping with the enemy. - - READ MORE:

And this from the Washington Times:

Her emails are of particular interest insofar as Ms. Abedin has extensive ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s the Islamist organization whose self-declared mission is “destroying Western civilization from within.”

The indispensable investigative group Judicial Watch has filed suit in federal court for access to these emails. It remains to be seen if they are provided and, if so, what they reveal about these ladies’ contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood – and their damage-control concerning revelations about Ms. Abedin’s connection to it. - - READ MORE:

 SO TAKE A GOOD LONG LOOK THAT THAT PICTURE ABOVE OF Chris Stevens, and burn that SHIT into your memory now and forever! 

Good, honest American Soldiers and our U.S. Ambassador were attacked in what was quickly uncovered by many world news organizations as an prearranged and clearly orchestrated attack on US interests and personnel. An attack that lasted hours, but would have only lasted mere minutes had not those amazingly brave and talented Special Forces troopers not shown up there unannounced, and surely unexpected!

An attack that lasted HOURS with MANY calls for help that were "proven" to have been countermanded each and every time by both our Muslim Brotherhood/Zio President, and "Shillary" Rotten Clinton. 


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