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Sept 11 2001 - NYFD Speaks out on 911 Anniversary

Career NY Firefighter Says 911 was a False Flag Event!

We will NEVER Forget!

Finally, a video interview of a career NYC firefighter that no one can dispute or pass off as mere conspiracy!

We weren't going to get back on this track this month and rehash all manner of stories and or ideas about 911, since there are so many out there doing so daily, until a friend sent us this new interview.

This interview reminded me of the NY Morning show interview we saw days after the tragedy, where four firefighters were being interviewed to recount their experiences. I remember a few minutes into that interview one of the firefighters started talking about how they all heard many "secondary" explosions popping off like "pop corn", and just as the other three men started to chime in on that point, the show suddenly dropped off to dead air for a few seconds and went to commercial. Upon their return from commercial they had moved on to another news topic completely, no more firemen, and no further mention at all of their interview, or why it ended. Personally, having years of demo experience via military training and practical application in some of the nicer vacation spots on the planet, upon seeing those buildings coming down, as I am certain everyone else with even the slightest amount of demo experience also realized, it was a controlled event. Days later when I watched that NY news show shut those firefighters down in mid-sentence, never to return, I felt my suspicion confirmed. The verified Israeli agents who were later caught having an after-event party across the Hudson was just more icing.  After that, and regardless of the many additional experts who came out publicly to make that same case, I never required any further evidence. 

Another point we want to remind everyone about is the completely false reporting by the BBC and others on the alleged organic collapse of Solomon Brothers "building 7".  If you are unaware of this story; building 7 was being reported as fallen from the stress damage caused by the near by Twin Towers. Problem was, that they were reporting it as already fallen and destroyed, while it was still standing in the background of their shot! 

There is video of this news report below. Here is a still picture from the video which clearly shows their headline, and also building 7 still standing, and not even yet burning in the background:

In this actual BBC report video below, pay close attention to the headline change at the bottom of their screen at 2:12


Now lets us look at another picture that many people may not have seen. To our knowledge this picture has never been proven to be anything other then exactly what it appears to be; a US cruise missile painted like an American Airlines Jet. Let us also remind or inform you that only days after the Pentagon got hit by an alleged Jumbo Jet which left absolutely no Jumbo Jet parts on the ground, or within the building debris area, the aviation engine parts that experts did identify on the ground outside, were very specifically from the engine that powers US Drones exactly like this one. 

 Now lets look at a very interesting faked video produced on a fake CNN "Breaking News" frame. If nothing else this proves how easily such events can be all out faked, and or manipulated. No longer can we believe what we see in pictures, video's, movies or alleged live event coverage. 

Now watch retired NYFD hero Rudy Dent prove the alleged conspiracies correct!






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