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Oregon Shooting: 10 Dead at Community College

Fewer Guns = More Deaths!

Wake the hell up people! Arm yourselves or become the next FBI national murder statistic!

By Lt. Col. Whitter  US. Army Ret. 

Contributing writer


American's need Jobs correct?

The 1913 Sham Federal Reserve bank system and corrupt politicians here and around the world have long been causing the economic and social pressures to be amplified. Now in the last fifteen years we have stood by and watched our children and other family members be murdered, most by design, however now I believe we are seeing other pressures, possibly even spiritual ones, taking hold. 

So, instead of going on and on here like everyone else about this latest shooting event of the week, and giving that weak minded narcissist murderer, who shall remain UN-named in this commentary, any more exposure, lets get right to the ONLY point that will have ANY positive change on these situations. First lets get a grip on what we wont be changing anytime soon: 

  • We won't be getting the Banksters or crooked politicians to change their mode of operation any time soon. 
  • We won't be getting a handle on WHO is near the edge mentally, spiritually or both today or tomorrow, nor will any new laws stop such events, because they wont stop a weak minded crazy person from being all those things. Nor will making new mental health laws that will eventually cause far more damage to people that get swept up in those laws by those around us with unfounded suspicions, be the answer.
  • We won't be collecting every single gun from American's anytime soon, or ever. One cursory study of how many guns are in private hands alone in America, much less how many bullets people have, and the ability to make more, etc., will prove that point absolutely. So all you left wing, traitorous, fascist loving, weak minded and spiritually co-opted automatons out there, mine as well just get off the anti-gun kick.
  • If history doesn't prove that crazed, spiritually corrupted maniacs like the Papacy and 11 Crusades', Genghis Khan, Alexander, the Japanese Army in WW2, along with every single psycho and collection of soulless maniacs throughout all time can kill individuals and or many individuals with blades nearly as proficiently as with the guns we have now, then you aren't paying attention.  Thus, even if all the guns were gone in America tomorrow, those same lunatics will resort to other, far more silent means of dispatching innocents. 
  • We will NOT be legislating the dark souls of certain humans out of existence any time soon. All the laws of GOD Himself did NOT stop Cain from murdering his own brother! So get a freaking clue!

What is the answer then?


I'm sorry, but it appears every man and woman legal to do so NEEDS to start carrying a high quality, decently sized pistol every single day without exception, regardless where you may be going. 


I started this conversation with the statement that American's need jobs. Therefore, since we do NOT have ANY lack of special weapons and tactics training schools in this country, the simple answer is to start and fund small localized programs that vet participants, train them, arm them, and get them into our schools and anywhere else where highly trained, armed security is lacking. This can just as easily be done with teachers who also wish to participate.  Our already well trained and experienced veterans would be the best place to start, they need jobs and they are all natural Sheep Dogs eager to kill the wolves! 

By doing this, as well as a good majority of our citizenry carrying open and concealed everywhere, we will have created a hidden overlap of armed security. 

If we had more of this


We would have none of this!


Oh yes, here comes the detritus I hear from every pogue still allowed to roam free with unfettered use of their small brain and large mouth:

  • If more people have guns on their persons, then more people are at risk to be shot by them, etc. 

Yes, and the magic jelly bean field is where we get all our electricity from, so get out there and buy electric cars to save the planet. This is an argument spewed by those who neither care about, or want to hear the actual statistics available that prove time and again that more guns among the daily populace causes all violent crime to nearly disappear. Texas is a great example of this. They also do not want to hear or know about all the opposite statistics for violent gun murders among not some, but ALL the left-wing ruled States in America where the anti-gun laws thrive, and the people are disarmed in public places by those UN-Constitutional laws. So expect the hunting to occur in these GUN FREE ZONES!

  • The civilians who are carrying their guns will be the first one shot, thus providing the bad guys with additional guns.

This of course is yet another weak argument, as any untrained, totally mind screwed maniac will not be clandestinely scanning everyone in the mall for concealed guns, or even unconcealed gun.  They are single minded, robotic sociopaths on a mission, not well trained covert spies like Michael Weston! 

This argument is also undone by my suggestion for nearly everyone to make it their new lifestyle to carry a gun at all times. So yes, there is a remote chance that a bad guy might see one person with a gun exposed and shoot at them first, however the idea is all about force protection, not single combat. Out of 50 people in any section of the Mall, Walmart or the local DMV, even if only 25% were armed, there would ALWAYS be someone standing right near the active shooter with their own weapon, thereby dispatching the shooter before any additional carnage could be realized. THIS IS THE ONLY WORKABLE SOLUTION TO THIS! 

  • Civilians are UN-trained and will cause more mayhem than the active shooter.

Wow! Where do I begin with this one, and we have all heard this one out of the pie-hole of some mouth breathing liberal.  Fact is, even if no one, not one gun toting soccer mom had any more training than some decent range time with another safe, knowledgeable shooter; then within an entire shopping mall of armed soccer moms in an active shooter scenario, based on all the stats we now have on the multiple deaths caused by these active shooters, there is absolutely no possible way the armed soccer moms would make it worse. The Statistics are such, that when any of these fearful active shooters are confronted with even only equal force, the scene turns into a pursuit and or an instant suicide, NOT a protracted firefight! Now add in equal force from multiple zones, angles and elevations, its an instant done deal.


As good as they are these days, the Police are a reactionary force at best, and too much damage is realized long prior to their availability

It is time to STOP being Sheep, and become Sheep Dogs!

Your Neighbors and their children are counting on YOU!










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