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Mosaic Law of the Gun

Why all Jews should Revere the 2nd Amendment Above all Law!

The Sharp Teeth of Freedom, Made to Cut Asunder Tyranny

YES! My thoughts exactly, what in the HELL is wrong with the Hebrew people in American?

Many of whom I have personally known who have had immediate and extended family members gassed to death in Nazi Germany, and that's not counting all the anti-semitic issues that have occurred since, which should be a constant reminder of how history ALWAYS repeats.

So why then do so many Jews choose the far left liberal path in politics? Well, my first inclination is to believe they are not truly Jews, just people who chose to appear to be Jews for various political reasons, so that may answer the first question as it concerns direct political affiliations. What about all the rest who tend to go along with the far left communist thinking of those faking Hebrew lineage in government positions? Have they forgotten what happens to an unarmed people?  I mean Jews, like Asians tend to be brought up in a more controlling educational environment than most other Americans, so obviously lack of historical knowledge can not be the answer here.  So why would a people who have been so doggedly persecuted over many thousands of years remain on the side of heavy gun control and even total codification, more than not.  Maybe its just an American Jewish culture thing. In the immortal words of the Jewish comedian Elan Gold - "The difference between American Jews and Israeli Jews is, that American Jews return merchandise, while Israeli Jews return FIRE!"... 

So then it must be the cultural upbringing of the different societies that causes the major difference in feeling the need for self protection. I am a citizen of both countries, the USA being my place of birth, and the elders of my family were much the same way. They voted Demon-crat all the time, and our religion centered around "treat all others as you would have them treat you".  Me, not so much, I wanted guns at an early age after reading the history and hearing all the family stories, etc. I wanted F16 fighters and anything else I could get my hands on as well since the Constitution does not specify the extent of the weapons of war that the "People" can or should be in possession of. I was met with both disbelief and skepticism from the elders in my family, but not my siblings and cousins, they were good with the idea as well. What the hell is it that makes the older generation forget the history and live life like its a paradise where no one ever gets hurt, or where the government cannot turn in on its own? History is 100% chock full of these exact scenarios. Maybe its the need to forget the most horrific of memories in order to just move on. However, isn't THIS the exact reason why history is able to be repeated by those sociopath narcissists waiting in the shadows? Why yes it is! And this is exactly the attitude and actions consistently coming from the US Govt. 

Another Terror Enforcement Arm

On the topic of US Government extremism whose intent is obviously to disarm the slaves so they can be "better protected", just this week we hear about the new commission for "domestic terrorists", and they very specifically called out the "Sovereign Citizens" movement. Which from what I can find is NOT a movement at all, but a Hodge-Podge of intelligent people around the world who have been deeply investigating the legality of all English Maritime law, vs. the original Common law which still exists. From any investigation you will be hard pressed to find any of these people appearing violent in any way, nor do they appear to be telling others to use violence. They only appear to be using the governments own USC codes and statutes against them. And for this they have now garnered the full attention of the US Corporate Government. The "why", is most likely answered by following the $$$$$ as usual. These Sovereign Citizen people are finding ways to totally extricate a person from the entire global cabal banking and taxation systems on many levels. 

From the US Justice Dept you can read :

Looking back over the past few years, it is clear that domestic terrorists and homegrown violent extremists remain a real and present danger to the United States.  We recognize that, over the past few years, more people have died in this country in attacks by domestic extremists than in attacks associated with international terrorist groups.

More broadly, law enforcement agencies nationwide are concerned about the growth of the “sovereign citizen” movement. According to one 2014 study, state, local and tribal law enforcement officials considered sovereign citizens to be the top concern of law enforcement, ranking above ISIL and Al Qaeda-inspired extremists.

Adherents to the sovereign citizen ideology believe they don’t have to answer to any government authority, including courts, taxing entities or law enforcement. And although most sovereign citizens peacefully espouse these views, some sovereign citizen extremists resort to violence.

Are they insane or what? "State, local and tribal law enforcement officials" are considering the Sovereign Citizens to be the TOP concern of LE?  So either LE in America have turned into total bitches over night, or someone is building a totally false narrative again to allow them yet another way to act like the Stazi they are, to start accusing and arresting all manner of innocent peoples in the night! On top of it all they actually state that although these sovereign citizens are peaceful, "some" resort to violence!  So, the problem now for us becomes sorting out the "some that resort to violence", which I bet in 99% of all the alleged cases that the govt agencies may have us turn to as proof, were also instigated to violence by their own govt agent provocateurs. Of course they do this all the time in order to run up their agency stats to garner more tax payer dollars next year. Therefore, probability suggests that most, if not all of these alleged conspirators would never have acted in violence had they been left alone; if they existed at all. 

Go read this article on the Justice Dept website, read about all the ALLEGED terror attacks they foiled and ask yourself, 'how can I be sure any of these alleged would-be attackers were ever real at all?'  YOU DON'T KNOW! And you CANT find out, THAT'S the problem, and THAT'S why everyone needs to be armed to the freakin teeth! If they come for the guy on your block some night, citing him as this or that, how will you ever know if its true at all? You wont! When they come for your husband, your son, etc., how will any of us out here know if they were or were not terrorists? We wont! That is how this works! 

Suddenly in the last ten years we have an "alleged" lone gunman in a school or other public place nearly once a week! Before that for 200 years we have next to nothing of the kind. So many in such a short span of time, so concentrated that the sheer mathematical probability of these all being orchestrated attacks by someone or some organization, is beyond improbable. Again, follow the money, or in these cases follow the "intent", who wants all the guns gone? Obviously constant talk about not wanting guns in America wont get the guns gone, thus, other means have been necessary to allow that conversation to become louder and louder, scarier and scarier, in order to make the refusal of gun confiscation so utterly ridiculous that resistance to it is futile. That is exactly where all this is going, so get your guns and allot of bullets for them now. I would also suggest body armor as well. READ MORE HERE: 


Well, maybe this next article is showing us a little light at the end of that tunnel. 

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Ari Epstien

Guns ‘n’ Moses: Why more Jews are packing heat













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