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Hillary Clinton Says A National Gun Buyback Program Is 'Worth Considering'

Benghazi gate, Illegal Possession & Destruction of Secret Documents!

Why shouldn't we Trust Hillary with out Guns?

These fascist liberals always leave out the "actual" and alarming data which has been confirmed many times now after these countries outlawed all guns, NOT just hand guns. In all cases it has been verified that violent crimes, even with guns, went up 35 to over 45% on private citizens!

Just remember; these are the same people that outlawed ALL DRUGS! And even started their so-called WAR on drugs!  Now tell me, are all those drugs now totally, or even partially OFF the streets since then?  NO! It’s worse now than ever because these same govt officials, including this woman who allowed our soldiers to die in Benghazi, now being investigated for her private collection and destruction of Secret documents and her actions for Benghazi; have been controlling that drug flow in order to secure the funds needed for their black operations.

In Israel, of which I am also a citizen, these past weeks many people were murdered openly and fairly continually by evil doers wielding NOT guns, but knives! Are we then going to BUY BACK all knives, or just certain military or scary looking knives?  

Even Australia's Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research acknowledges that the gun ban had no significant impact on the amount of gun-involved crime:

  • In 2006, assault rose 49.2 percent and robbery 6.2 percent.
  • Sexual assault -- Australia's equivalent term for rape -- increased 29.9 percent.
  • Overall, Australia's violent crime rate rose 42.2 percent.

- See more of this article here: 

There has been historically ONLY one reason ANY govt on earth has looked to disarm their populace, and I don’t think we need to get into the results of those actions here, just understand that the left wing German party did exactly that in 1928 before the Nazi's did what they did.

Bottom line: You CANNOT legislate the human heart or deranged brain function of the very few. If that is your criteria on this gun issue, then you also need to remove all CARS, TRUCKS, PRIVATE AIRCRAFT, KNIVES, SWORDS, BASEBALL AND CRICKET BATS, GOLF CLUBS, etc., out of the hands of everyone. Maybe our totally corrupt and broke government can ask China for the money to BUY BACK all of those and any other potentially hazardous items from all Americans so we children can stop falling down and going boom. 

According to the Mass Shooting Tracker, 375 individuals have been killed during a mass shooting in 2015 in 294 incidents. That means, out of 118 million gun owners, 249 or .00025 percent of the gun-owning population are potential mass shooters.But even that assumption is limiting because it is not taking into account those nut bags or brain washed few who don't own any guns, but steel them. 

Now compare that number to 10,076. According to MADD, that’s the number of people killed during drunk driving crashes in 2013 alone. In fact, every day in America, another 28 people die in drunk driving crashes. Every, single day!

How about banning bath tubs? 341 people die from drowning and submersion while in or falling into bathtubs.

FLOORS! The dreaded floors and those who sell flooring! Using this same ideology we need to ban floors too, because 565 people die each year from slipping, tripping or falling on to floors. on top of that we need to pass legislation that allows us to sue the flooring Mfg's and re-sellers!

Sheriff Grady Judd of Florida points out correctly that there are literally hundreds of millions of guns across America now in the hands of good citizens; however he is unfortunately naive to believe that citing mental health and somehow passing laws to stop those with mental health issues from getting hold of guns to be the answer. Never gonna happen! The ONLY thing that will happen will be more and more ridiculous legislation from the narcissists in Washington and the several States that will limit those law abiding gun owners to no end. And just like I said concerning the Epic Fail of curtailing illegal drugs in America after making them illegal, the bad guys will ALWAYS find a way to get a gun. And exactly as we find in Israel today where private ownership of guns is beyond limited and highly restricted, the bad guys just change it up to using VERY silent weapons like knives.  

SSRI Drugs are the cause! If you want to stop most of this then get everyone off the SSRI drugs which Europe is now on the verge of banning completely due to the evidence that THEY are the cause of violent outbreaks and suicides in those who take them. Now go research just how many of these shooters have been on SSRI drugs through the years since SSRI drugs were introduced, and you will find that almost every single one of them was on these drugs. Is that a coincidence? 

In the immortal words of Jewish comic Elan Gold - "The difference between American Jews and Israelis, is that American Jews return merchandise, while Israeli Jews return FIRE! 

And therein lies your total and only immediate fix for this looming and most likely to continue violent maniac public shooter issue; ARM YOURSELVES! Buy a pistol, learn how to use it, get your Concealed Carry permit, and carry your own protection so that YOU are not the next bunch of Jews gathered up and gassed, or shot while shopping or attending class. STOP looking for everyone else to help you or protect you, and take some dam responsibility for yourselves, your children and your neighbors; because you SHOULD be your neighbors keeper as well! Didn't your Jesus tell you so? If even 50% of everyone at all times in this country carried daily regardless where they were going, I assure you these attacks would stop very quickly. For two reasons:

  1. If these attacks have been orchestrated in order to drive public opinion to this end of certainly removing all guns; which is an opinion many people are now starting to take far more seriously due to the shear mathematical probability of so many shooter events occurring in such a short span of time, and not being probable organically; then whoever may be orchestrating said events will be forced to stop knowing they have lost the advantage of a totally unarmed general populace. i.e., their shooters will not live long enough to drive and obtain the originally expected outcome. 


  1. If they are all truly organic copycat killers, or socially and or spiritually inspired as most naively tend to believe because CBS, NBC and FOX said they were; then for the exact same reason, knowing that they will not have the advantage of unarmed sheep anymore, they will more than likely be thwarted or at least driven to act in other, very limited areas where they may know no one will be armed. Although if everyone took this advice to become responsible for their own immediate safety and that of others, I don’t see where these gun free zones would exist for them to leverage.  More to this point, they could NEVER know for certain that any area would be a gun free area. 

 And please forget the tired old "Its the job of the POLICE, argument." The Police are merely RESPONDERS after the fact and rarely accidentally on site when such events occur. And armed and decently trained population is the ONLY workable answer on this issue. And as much as you may totally hate this idea, the US State statistics in both the States that have very high gun restrictions, and those States like Texas and others who allow their citizenry to carry their guns everywhere, always verify the same level of higher crime statistics as you will find from those States and or countries who either highly restrict gun ownership and usage, and or have outlawed them completely. The statistics don’t lie. It’s the narcissist politicians who historically crave all the power over their unsuspecting populations who are lying to you all.

Here are a few good article and resource for gun crime stats:





Please pay close attention at the school shooting lage above, and notice how generally few such shootings occurred up to 1979, and then look at the massive surge in shootings starting in 1980 to date! 


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