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Pro-Freedom Cause Donation with All Ammo Sales Gives to Pro-Gun Orgs! 

Is your favorite charity helping anti-gun rights policies? 

A few years ago our company gave several dollars from every sale to a certain major Veterans charitable organization, only to later find out that they were funneling a percentage of all charitable funds directly to anti-Second Amendment Rights organizations and politicians! I have to say we were exceedingly floored by that realization, contacted them and demanded all funds given by our company be returned. Of course given what we then knew as their low character, we expected to be ignored, and we were. 

Not long after that we found out via several alternative news organizations that the left-wing Liberals were actually setting up shop as pro-gun and pro-hunting organizations, and had been for some time scamming money from unsuspecting honest Americans, and funneling all those funds directly into the anti-gun lobby. 

Of course these socialist meat-bags are eventually outed and move on to formulate other criminal operations, so vigilance is required. 

If you buy ammo and give to vetted pro-gun organizations, appears to be a one stop shopping solution. They will donate a percentage of your purchase to the pro-liberty organization of your choice, as they have them listed here.  Its the perfect time of year to buy ammo and give to a real, pro-freedom charity!

Don't forget - Free Shipping on Most rifle parts until Dec 31st!


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