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Sweden: 'No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without a Gun'

Sound Familiar AmeriKa?

  "n Stockholm, Sweden, as many as 20 Muslim men gang-raped an 11-year-old girl. A mother was hosting a birthday party at a public bath/swim center for a group of 11 and 12 year old children. Up to 20 Muslim men who lived at a nearby refugee center arrived at the public bath. They immediately began to assault the children, ripping their swimsuits off and beating the boys when they tried to stop the assault. Eventually, the men cornered one of the little girls in a grotto in the bathhouse and gang raped her. The police refused to make any arrests...." See more:


Lovely Muslims refugees, so peaceful and serene!


The "Religion of Peace" gangs roving to rape white women in Europe!


Excellent commentary on the alleged Syrian refugees by Paul J Watson  

 "Below - a video shot just outside Budapest’s Keleti railway station shows Muslim migrants chanting “Allahu Akbar” and “f**k you” as they engage in running battles with police."

"The wave of migrants crossing into Europe shows little sign of abating, with Germany announcing that it would be willing to take 500,000 “asylum seekers” every single year in addition to the 800,000 expected to arrive before the end of this year. "

 “If Europe does not seal its borders, what is to stop the Islamic world and Third World from coming and repopulating the continent with their own kind, as the shrinking native populations of Europe die out?” writes Pat Buchanan in his new column." 

 "As well, eyewitness's at the Italian-Austrian border relate how they saw an elderly Italian woman grabbed by her hair and pulled from her car by a group of “aggressive young men” who wanted to steal the car to get to Germany, while others threw excrement at bystanders."

Does the obvious have to be pointed out here? Even if these maniacs who are now clearly known to NOT be actual refugees, none of which have actual, verifiable identification, ever get German citizenship status, or the same from any other Euro-State, the bad ones will eventually get into the USA anyway, but with new passports gleaming with totally fabricated identities!  

At the moment our State law makers, having seen the alleged terror events in France recently, have decided to hold back our own Muslim leaders advances to take in tens of thousands of these unverifiable people, but that may not last if the American PEOPLE do not continue to raise the pressure on them without fail. Doing this, and reviving our gun toting culture as quickly and widely as possible is the only short term solution that we know will work to defuse any further mass murder events on sight and on the spot regardless who may be orchestrating them. And let them all know we are doing just that! 

All this while our own government has continuous operations working against our tried and true American 2nd Amendment Rights! 

"The National Gun Victims Action Council (NGVAC) is calling on President Barack Obama to declare a “state of emergency” over fictional events, and then use that fictitious excuse to scrap the Constitution and impose his will under martial law."

Gun control supporters really are apparently just this crazy & (Breitbart Article here):

WHY? Because they know full well that this behavior can never be sustained by anyone inside the USA! First we MUST be disarmed as most all European citizens have long been. 


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J. Lancer

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