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2703 Shootings, 440 Murdered in Chicago to Date

In The Most Heavily Gun-Controlled City!

As of November 23, there had been 2703 shootings which resulted in 440 deaths year-to date in heavily gun-controlled Chicago.

"That is an increase of approximately 400 shootings over the same time last year.

"It is worth noting that while this violence proves the impotency of gun control in general, it is especially damning when juxtaposed with some of the most recent gun control endeavors in particular.

For example, Chicago implemented a “violence tax” at suburban Cook County gun stores in April 2013. The tax is gathered on each gun and bullet sold within the county. Then, in 2014–the first full calendar year after the implementation of the tax–the Chicago Tribune reported 434 deaths–a 19 death increase over 2013."  Breitbart article:

"On August 10, 2015 the Seattle City Council passed a similar tax–$25 for every gun and five cents for every bullet sold in the city–under the same premise; that a punitive tax will somehow punish those behind gun crime, perhaps reducing it." 

And gun violence is raging in Seattle since!

Contributing writer: James Caldwell Esq. 

Over the TG holiday American's were inspired by our fearful leader to have conversations about gun control. American's answered back by purchasing more guns the day after than ever purchased before on any single day! 

A scant couple of days later American's were answered back by yet another mass shooting event which occurred YET AGAIN during an alleged "training exercise". Just like the Boston event, the New Town event, and most all others. Also coming out is the fact that this exact location (Inland Regional Center) has been used several times before for active shooter drills! Already many investigators looking into this San Bernardino event are finding the usual anomalies, such as:

  • Nurses at the Center where interviewed and said that they thought it was just another drill. 
  • Media said that the perps guns were all obtained "legally", however it now appears they were not obtained by any legal means. 
  • Once again, Active Shooter event occurs in heavily gun controlled area.
  • Media news people were caught calling the two shooters - "Actors", several times, one even catching himself, adjusting, and calling them shooters.
  • Several pictures of the alleged male shooter can be found and have been shown, all looking like different people.  

The media told us that these two nut-balls had some dispute at some party, left the party, went home, got all dressed up in tactical clothing, grabbed their illegal (full Auto) rifles, quickly manufactured a table full of bombs, (that we are to believe were not planted there), but only took a few of them with. And of those they tell us, were defective. The media tells us that neither of the nut-ball (actors) were on any terror watch list or no fly status; BUT that the gov't knew all about their movements to known terrorist countries, and about their relationships with known terrorist type people, etc. ???? Yes, sounds and smells like a giant heap of total, steaming bull shit to me as well. If I ever used such data in court, I would be disbarred and sent to the Lithium farm. Worst part of this is, if any of that is true, then by default the gov't heads and all gov't agencies are 100% defective, and 100% liable for any deaths that may have occurred. Even Jack Bower would have stopped this attack! 

So, to what end are all these shootings in the last 15 years? Well, most people are always calling them false flag events, and at some level this may be true, but its too broad a brush stroke. The reality may be far more sinister. The reality seems to lend itself more towards being mission creep. The planned, slow movement using staged events which over time occur closer together and become more volatile; like say active-shooter events, but again, to what end? 

Look around you. Although someone's agenda always jumps on the Ban-all-guns wagon within mere minutes after such events, the critical observant thinker will identify that banning all guns is not the only mission parameter. I tend to believe the true end-game is the total destruction of our original American culture. They have been draining all our wealth through their own privately held taxation and banking systems, and at the same time pitting all races here against one another through fear. White cops murdering many unarmed white people, although only the murdered black people get air time on our controlled media because that suits the fear and hate agenda. Do some research on just how many bad police shootings there have been and ongoing, they totally eclipse the active shooter events.

Now it appears the radical Muslim narrative suits their agenda best. Funny thing that happened directly after this latest event occurred, when all the rabid anti-gun politicians and sycophants initially believed that this was a work-place shooting. They all, including her lady of darkness Billary Clinton, started churning out the anti-gun rhetoric as quickly and as loudly as possible. UNTIL that is, they later heard that the two shooters in fact had alleged terrorist ties and were Muslim.  THEN all we heard from those anti-American pie holes were "crickets".... That's right! Shut them all right up, because the last thing they or their keeper, the Muslim in charge want to do is to connect anything Muslim with terrorism. Crickets! Crickets! Crickets! Crickets! Crickets!....

These Anti-American ZioLocusts have been raping the natural resources of the worlds sovereign countries for centuries now. It just so happens that they have moved their final attention on to the USA. WHY? - Answer: America has been blessed so far beyond that of any other nation or people in our known world history, that it makes perfect sense from a corporate planning point of view to have taken it over, make it their citadel to use its people and resources to drain or control the wealth of the rest of the world. At which point when those phases have been accomplished, the final solution would be to then turn inward for total enslavement and control of those people, and our enormous resources.

America has more coal than Saudi had oil. America has more oil in just the Bakken fields and other yet untapped fields which lay against Montana's Rocky Mountains than all the oil in the Middle East. America has enormous Natural gas reserves as well. Not to mention an abundance of clean water, salt, sodium borate, ores of all kind, and wood to name only a few; and on top of all that, the availability of crop lands that can feed all seven billion people worldwide and then some, without breaking a sweat.  A position on earth to which the evil empire can totally control all other nations, tongues and people, without ever needing to import anything from them to do it. Is all that motive enough to understand all you have been seeing? 

Here on this MA blog I have seen many times when the writers have admonished loudly for all people who can, to start carrying a pistol in their daily life. We have also recently even heard the President of France present the exact sentiment as the ONLY way to stop such violence to his people; I must now totally agree! The ONLY way to stop these attacks in their tracks as they happen, and save lives, is for a large percentage of people anywhere, at any time, to be armed and ready to employ lethal force as it presents itself. Some people won't feel comfortable carrying daily, so all those who can, must do so immediately! 

The police won't save you in real-time! The government has now openly proven they will not. Therefore, we can set two precedents at one time by bolstering our original American gun culture 2nd Amendment Right to carry arms, and at the same time, very quickly stop those who are orchestrating these attacks by having them come to the hard reality that their plans will never again end in such mass murdering of unarmed sheep! All of us who can, must now become Sheep Dogs for those who cannot! And sheep dogs have large, sharp teeth. 


Looking around one can also find on their Facebook page that the San Bernardino FD has been hosting Active Shooter drills..

County Fire Participates in Active Shooter Exercise

A Battalion Chief and 9 firefighters from the High Desert participated in an active shooter exercise held at Victor Valley Community College on Nov 30. Working closely with our public safety cooperators, firefighters practiced mass-casualty incident (MCI) triage techniques, patient care and safety measures during an active shooter incident, and took this opportunity to test inter-agency communication equipment. SBCoFire personnel are trained and ready to respond to mass-casualty incidents from traffic collisions, to large scale disasters....  

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