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Radio Active Oatmeal to kids - Nazi Experiments in America Ongoing!

By Melissa Dykes | TruthStream Media

It’s getting harder to focus on the “news”.

Considering that all media is filtered through just five mega-corporations (compared with 50 companies in the early ’80s), not to mention (but I will) the fact that domestic propaganda was officially “approved” for use against the American people a few years ago, it’s kinda hard to tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t anymore.

Besides, it’s all “hey look, shiny things”. Pay attention to the right hand so you won’t see what the left is doing.

The distractions on the “news” also serve another purpose. To fill up your short term memory like junk food for the brain. To keep you from remembering what happened last week, let alone last year. From putting these things into perspective, especially historical perspective.

We’ve undertaken a large-scale research project. We’re six months in. I was reading The Plutonium Files, a book on the American government’s top secret medical experimentation against mostly unwitting, clueless American citizens during the Cold War. All of this stuff is on record, but many people still have no idea even half of this stuff went on.

And that’s how it is with a lot of government experimentation. There’s a decades-long history of it, stretching all the back to the stress tests that were done on soldiers in the first world war and, really, who knows if it only started there. Doubtful.

Take the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, for example, where the government lied to about and knowingly failed to treat rural African American patients for the disease so prominent health officials who could care less about the Hippocratic Oath could see what would happen as the disease progressed (and spread).

The experiment on patients who never gave informed consent and thought they were being treated for “bad blood” spanned 40 years and only ended in November 1972 because of a whistle-blower. Penicillin was validated as a cure in the ’40s. These medical officials essentially sentenced innocent men to slow, horrible deaths as they stood idly by and watched.....Read more: - Short list through 1997 of confirmed US Govt clandestine experiments on population:

AnonU.S. Grants Immunity to Monster-Surgeon Another offense committed by the U.S. government during WWII was its willingness to “condone human torture for advancements in biological warfare” by granting Dr. Shiro Ishii, monster-surgeon of the infamous Unit 731, immunity based on their interest in the results of his research....

Unethical human experimentation in the United States


 Wake up! Stand up! & Arm up people! 

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