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This is Why the American Empire will be Lost

 Living in the last days of the most Productive Republic in mans known history!

 INCREDIBLE!  Not a damn one of them had any idea what Sharia law was and worse yet, were not smart enough to ASK what it was or meant! Amazing still is that most of the moron mouth breathers were women!

Had they understood, they would have been shocked right out of their bodies. What are they teaching these people in school . . . OH! I forgot they are being indoctrinated! By "Progressives". 

Bubbles coming out of their mouths!

It appears to be the West Coast, most likely California, which is now the 8th largest economy in the world!  Which actually makes all this mass-public stupidity so much worse. The only thing missing from the answers these idiots are giving is bubbles leaving their mouths as they speak.

Hillary Rules!

There appears to be a large population of troglodytes in America who should not even be allowed to speak at all.  And from these constant video interviews from Mark Dice, (see videos below), it is this reporters opinion that all people living inside America who cannot answer even the most basic questions from a position of "actual" knowledge, should be rounded up and shipped to a deserted Island where they can rule each other with or without Sharia law and a Bill of Rights! 

Yes, that does sound like I am advocating against the Right of Free Speech! I am not however, I am advocating against the Right to exist as an adult, unaffected by any major physical malady which creates a verifiable mental disorder, while at the same time existing in such great numbers being allowed to mingle daily to infect others, as well as to replicate by creative means, while continuing in a state of such thorough and total stupidity!

The sad fact is, THESE are the people who have aided and abetted, either directly by knowingly consenting to the destructive natures of these Progressive sociopath politicians, while at the same time having no sense or knowledge of history in general and worse, American history.    While the rest are tacitly aiding and abetting the destruction of our culture and empire via their invasive and incomprehensible lack of basic knowledge. Much less having the ability to apply any such knowledge in order to guarantee basic freedoms so many good, critical thinkers died to insure!

Therefore, all of these people are a clear and present danger to the future of this once great Republic! A danger to all others living within it who are not at all like them! The knowledgeable, critical thinkers however have been a quickly diminishing percentage.

In summation: These are empty brain, bubble mouths who are ready and willing to be led like the dense and unobservant sheep they are, directly into the Will and whim of the great evil that awaits us all. 

Good luck America....

Contributing writer,
Jeff Palance Jr. 

Clinton, Congress, Charter Schools And An Alleged Islamist Cult. What Could Go Wrong?

FBI expands its probe of Hillary Clinton beyond server-gate to public corruption to investigate her ties to an alleged Islamist cult...... 

The Clinton Death Cult

The Clinton are known to be deep into and following an ancient death cult which revolves around Necromancy. 

Our problem, which has long become the worlds problem, is that these maniac necromancers actually believe they are receiving advice and marching orders from certain and specific dead people on the other side. So the question remains; on the other side of what? Bottom line is, they are most definitely interacting and in some cases most likely directly controlled by what most religionists would understand or believe to be evil demons, etc.  I personally do not care what the hell they are, or are not. The major issue is that world leaders do, and they have been manipulating this world and especially the USA to one end it would seem; to remake this world in some other entities image!

Which appears to be far easier to do when a large segment of our population is so grossly ignorant and stupid!

"A new biography on Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton reveals that during her time as First Lady, Clinton participated in strange moments of imaginary conversation with a deceased Eleanor Roosevelt from the solarium atop the White House. Grove City College professor Paul Kengor’s “God and Hillary Clinton” also notes the religious devotion with which Senator Clinton advocates abortion.

An overview of the book by Kengor’s Grove City colleague Dr. Warren Thockmorton notes that the book - with information from friends, colleagues and acquaintances - paints an accurate picture of Clinton’s version of faith.

The woman who arranged the séance-sessions atop the White House, Jean Houston, became very close to the Senator. Houston who was known for delving into altered consciousness, the spirit world, and psychic experiences, according to a source quoted in the book, compared Clinton to Joan of Arc and believed her to be the most pivotal woman in all of human history." 

Holy crap are we in some trouble or what? Talk about feeding that mushrooms narcissistic ego full of bull-shit to the level of Joan of Arc! 

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