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Racist Black Street Thugs Attack Marine Sniper in MacDonalds

Some Black Lives Don't Matter!

More helpful "change" from the Muslim in Chief!

There is no doubt at all anymore that the occupation government has been fomenting a race war nationwide since he was "appointed" by the international corporate banksters.  So it should not surprise anyone to know that these types of racist attacks have been going on and escalating for some time, and with the direct aid of the mainstream whore media complex. 

The question is, why wont that same national media complex report on these types of attacks? Well, why would they, they didn't even report on the fact that Chief Justice Scalia of the Supreme Court died this week, with many of the facts surrounding his death clearly pointing towards an assassination by those US government officials who were with him on a Ranch retreat outing so far removed from civilization that no modern communications were available.  So for sure, at the very least we know that the American people will no longer be hearing any useful or truthful news from any major or minor mainstream media. Good luck America. -- Contributing writer: F. Krieger

"A former Marine became the target of an alleged assault in a McDonald’s Friday night, as a crowd of youths cornered him and demanded he answer the question, “do you believe black lives matter?” Before knocking him unconscious and robbing him.

Christopher Marquez, a veteran of Iraq and recipient of the Bronze Star for valor, said he was dining at a McDonald’s in northwest D.C. when a group of black teenagers came up to him and allegedly began harassing him about the black lives matter movement. Marquez ignored them which prompted calls and shouts that he was a racist.

Marquez left the establishment after eating, but allegedly sustained a sudden blow to the back of his head outside the McDonald’s, which knocked him unconscious. When he woke up, his pants were ripped and wallet gone, which contained $400 in cash, three credit cards, his VA medical card, school identification, metro card and driver’s license.

“I remember this group of teens harassing me while I was eating, they surrounded my table and kept on asking me ‘Do you believe black lives matter,’” Marquez told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Then they started calling me a racist. I can’t recall if they were saying anything else to me at this moment because the blow to my head really screwed up my memory.” Via Daily Caller

Sounds to me like that Scout Sniper has more work to do!












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