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Fox and U.S Media is Pravda! Mitt Romney is a Traitor to His Friends

"In a stunning admission, Fox News head honcho Roger Ailes says that Fox is not supporting Marco Rubio anymore".

There is a quiet Revolution going on right now! And the Statists are pulling out all the stops to Stop the PEOPLE from retaking the Republic!

Contributing writer: Scott Pruett Jr.

Roger Ailes of Fox News said: "…this alliance now seems to be over. According to three Fox sources, Fox chief Roger Ailes has told people he’s lost confidence in Rubio’s ability to win. “We’re finished with Rubio,” Ailes recently told a Fox host. “We can’t do the Rubio thing anymore.” READ MORE HERE:

Well there you have it folks! The head of Fox news freely admitting that Fox, as is it with all other American main stream media, are in fact totally State controlled propaganda mills! 

The man admits that Fox News organization willingly backed, by alliance, Presidential candidate Marco Rubio! WOW! Do any of us need to know any more than this to finally come to grips with the fact that every single point and level of our voting system is controlled in favor of the house?  Is it just me? Or do I have it correct by thinking that all news organizations are supposed to remain NEUTRAL in all matters and only REPORT on events and or results of events, etc?  However, events that absolutely require reporting, like Rubio's campaign, which is also backed by the State, got caught shaving votes away from Donald Trump in Texas last week!  Now being investigated in Texas, there are over 600 reports so far of voter fraud last week, with peoples actual voting cards being changed from Trump to Rubio! There were also reports from Ohio and Florida of voter fraud in weeks past. So, I cannot wait to see what happens going forward in Florida where voter fraud has been rampant in years past. 

So now it appears the State sponsored propaganda hit men have recruited the Koch brothers with their billions to the tune of 75 million dollars to put behind some other totally corrupt, State sponsored Presidential candidate who they KNOW they can easily control.

Who might that new Presidential candidate be to go against D. Trump? Well, let's see who that might be....

NOW - before we get into this next bit of planned propaganda, the reader needs to understand something about the public execution staged as a Republican debate put on by no other than Fox news last night - 3/3/16 .  

The facility used for the Fox news republican debate last night is run by a family member of Mitt Romney! It is now today being reported by several other alternative media sources that virtually all of the opponent voices making all the noise against Donald Trump during the debate were paid shills brought in by Romney family and cohorts. 

Moving forward, Trump will most likely win the the republican nomination, but the Statist traitors have packed the delegates with Trojan horses who will work hard to sway many away from Trump going forward. 

Regardless what YOU believe about Donald Trump, Trump is the ONLY one running that is clearly a Nationalist who will push back against all the countries and internal traitors who have for so long traded and worked against all Americans and American companies who have not yet fled the ship of America for higher profits in other countries. In fact, China has already warned the US government against allowing Donald Trump to win the Presidency!  

"So who won the debate?

"While it was a close call, only one candidate kept on a consistent message of conservative principles: protecting gun rights, securing the border, and cutting taxes. While Trump showed himself to be “flexible” on his former opposition to immigrant work visas, Cruz won over conservative primary voters."

That’s why, according to social media, Cruz won the Fox News GOP debate!!"

The Hunter behind the Rubio Stalking Horse!

Mitt Romney, a Mormon cult leader, proven corporate hit man, and now proven to be a total liar and corrupt traitor to those friends who helped him during his failed presidential run! 

There now appears to be no doubt that the establishment socialists are up against the wall with Trumps massive appeal to the American people who are quite obviously done with their anti-American values and traitorous policies. Rubio appears to be failing out, and it has not appeared to me that the establishment infiltrators were totally behind Cruz for some odd reason. Which appears to be proving out since now in the past weeks they have been slowly trotting out Mitt Romney, who the propaganda media continue to ask if he would consider running again, so far Romney saying no each time. Several experts in the last 24 hours are now saying that they believe Rubio has always been the stalking horse for Romney, and that the establishment is just waiting for Rubio to crash in Florida coming up before ushering Romney in. 

Proof of this cultist's compromised moral condition and open willingness to be a traitor to his friends. So what loyalty will he give to any other Americans he does not even know? NONE! 

No matter what your politics have been, everyone possible MUST get behind Trump right NOW!

Of course I am not wearing rose colored lenses where it concerns Trump. I have lived in NYC all my life and I know exactly who he is and what he has done, which has been allot more good than bad. But have no illusions, doing business at that level in NY and NJ is not done successfully without rubbing elbows with some really dirty people, governors included! That's is just our world since the 1800's. 

That being said, former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee told Fox and other propaganda news outlets that what they are seeing is, "an overthrow of the government, and for everyone to feel glad that it is a peaceful revolution..." 

 If any other Statist controlled candidates win the presidency, America will surely get far more of what we have received so far..

More Islamic infiltration as we are now seeing clearly happen all over Europe. More attacks against our GOD given Constitutional Rights; and more attacks against our family values, along with the destruction of our overall American culture! People like the Benghazi murder and traitor Hillary C have now been outed and found to be behind all of the Islamic infiltration happening around the world, and soon to be here in far greater numbers. She has been found pushing Islamic Sharia law into certain States, as well as new legislation to make any speech against their law, illegal! We also now have Islamic traditions being taught and forced on to our children in some public schools.  

Most have forgotten, but she was also found to be the one that sold nuclear materials and plans to North Korea years back! THESE are the ones we have working 24/7 to destroy us all! And Trump at this time appears to be the ONLY one that actually wants to help American's make money and be safe in their persons and possessions! 

So it seems the only way out may be to Trump the Statists!







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