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Great Service

Mr. Barker

Great service! Recently, when I ordered the charging handle, I had a very nice phone conversation with Van, prior to my order being shipped. 

He was interested in what upper I was planning to put it into.  I told him that it was a StagArms left-hand upper that I was assembling myself.  He did mention that you folks had encountered problems plugging these into StagArms Model 8 uppers, but not necessarily their builder upper.

When I received the charging handle, I tried to assemble the upper.  I'm doing this on my own, so I don't have an experienced person to ask, and usually use videos or documents found on-line to teach myself this stuff.  I ran into problems where it seemed as if the charging handle didn't fit this particular upper.  I again called Van.  He was very understanding and accommodating, offering to let me return the charging handle. 

After again conferring with Stag Arms about my problem, they provided a couple of key photographs that showed me what I'd been doing wrong; providing a detail that I hadn't found anywhere else.  I've now successfully installed the charging handle into the upper.

I just wanted you let Van, and you guys know that it wasn't a fault or problem with the Stag Arms builder upper in this case.  It was an absence of specific information and experience on the builder's (my) part. So, Stag didn't earn a black eye in this case.  I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the parts, and getting this thing assembled and into the field.

Thanks to Van, and to you folks for your time and your help, and a Great product!


John Boyd


Mechdef33 March 15, 2013 0 tags (show)
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