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Brian Butts

Precision Rifles Inc.

Competative Shooter

I recently had the pleasure of T and E'ing Mecharmor's Tacops-1 ambidextrious charging handle in an AR-10. I run my rifles hard and they need to work, at all times, under any conditions. I am a competative shooter. My rifle needs to run in Oklahoma talcum powder red dirt and Texas sand as well as ice, snow and rain. I will coat a rifle in blowing dust, bang it off of concrete culverts, drag it through mud, drop it, pull it, smack it into barracades, grind it into the rocks when i fall on it, chamber a round with gravel in the name it. The Tacops-1 is the best charging handle available...period and end of story.

Its design has everyone else wondering why they didn't do it and its quality has them saying wow. It is the only design on the market that does not feel like an afterthought and it is built incredibly well.

I run an AR with a big optic on it (Premier 5-25) and this handle is easy to reach under the big eyepeice, a standard handle just doesn't cut it.

I appreciate every aspect of this handle, stop searching for the perfect charging handle...this is it.

Mechdef33 March 15, 2013 0 tags (show)
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