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Chuck Richards

TacOps Charging Handle Eval 

The TacOps1 AR15 charging handle is nothing short of outstanding! I was putting together a left-handed rifle for 3G competition and needed a charging handle that had the catch release on the right side, would be easy to locate and operate even when partially covered by an optic, and was robust enough to handle a one-handed charge without fail. I called MechArmor, and talked with Van. He answered a few questions I had, and explained their product design in more detail. I ordered one, and less than two days later, it was in my mailbox. That's Fast. Install was straight forward, finish and fitment was excellent. First impression I had after install was that this handle was much larger than a standard handle, and I was concerned about it catching or snagging on a jacket or shirt. After handling the rifle for a few minutes, I knew that the wider width would not be a negative. Operation is exactly what I was looking for. The catch release on the back of the handle is positioned perfectly for a one-handed pinch-and-push. The handle shape and extra width makes locating and operating the handle under an optic very easy, even with gloves on. Right or left handed operation, this handle does everything I needed it to do. I will be purchasing another.

Mechdef33 March 15, 2013 0 tags (show)
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