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Every so often a new whiz-bang product rolls in and actually lives up to the hype.  I'm here to tell you about two of the coolest must have items that I've seen in years, the new TACOPS-1

Every so often a new whiz-bang product rolls in and actually lives up to the hype for the AR platform and makes even the most jaded of us do a double take.  Usually someone just came up with a way to hang a coffee maker off the left side without taking up too much rail space, rare is the item that you actually need.

The boys over at MechArmor have outdone themselves by making a charging handle that actually makes sense and works like its intended too.

For those of you with optics up top, this is a must have.  For those who "slap charge" this is far more than a must have - no more scarring your upper due to twisting of the stock T. 

In function the TacOps makes everything else seem like it's an airsoft unit.

Available for the 5.56/223 as well as the 7.62/308 versions of the AR platform, this is just flat the ONE item you'll wonder why the manufacturers didn't think of to begin with.

There is a link at the bottom where you can read a bit more about this, but here's the teaser:

The all new Tac-Ops1 is the newest and most effective ACTUAL combat innovation that has been designed specifically for the AR platform in some time. NOT just another accessory; but a well thought out innovation that dramatically changes the way your weapon is deployed, especially with optics on-board!

All users of the AR platform, especially those utilizing their weapon in combat or law enforcement operations know, that re-charging the weapon in any position, dictates that the shooter come out of their on-sight off hand or prone shooting positions to do so, wasting precious moments to reload or clear their weapon with their eye's off target. This issue has always been compounded greatly by the use of optic's, especially those which extend rearward over the charging handle even a small amount.  The TacOps-1 completely changes all this, adding speed, safety, and operator assurance, through faster & smoother handling of your weapon.

John   --  Tactical Defense Solutions

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