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For my AR-10 308: Outstanding!

Major Jim from CO

Ex-Military, currently LE. 

For my AR-10 308:  Outstanding!

The poor charging handle! It is one of those parts that gets ignored until it fails. And when it fails, good luck trying to chamber a round.

I have been "intimate" with the AR platform since 1976, and have seen it evolve first hand. Making it be all it can be. On a .308, the stresses are greater, pressures are greater, so the need for highly durable and functional parts is critical. Most using the AR in 7.62 are probably going to add a scope. With the eye relief on scopes running at about 3.5" or less, the need for a handle that works with scope overhang is a necessity.

This handle meets all of the modern day requirements, and then some. If you want a solution ahead of a problem, this is the charging handle to get.

Mechdef33 March 15, 2013 0 tags (show)
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